Year-end review activities for elementary and high school students

The end of the school year is near the corner and the summer holidays are in full swing. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

For elementary and high school students, these review activities – many of which are standardized – can provide fun and engaging activities that can help students prepare for the end of the year.

7 Review activities for elementary school students

With these resources, you can review content with your students in a fun way that will excite them about what they have learned this year.

Math Tri-Fold: A bundle of 63 booklets

1st Grade Instructed Mathematics | 1st grade math review Mathematical Intervention | Exam preparation by math technology connection

Grade: K-2nd

This resource contains 63 math review booklets organized by standards, which gives you plenty of material to review and evaluate all the values ​​of 1st grade math.

Subtraction story problem

Subtraction: Common key story problem by daily alphabet

Grade: K – 1st

This Math Common Core Packet is a great resource for students to review the problem of subtraction stories and make them feel comfortable to show their work.

State exam preparation 3rd class math questions.  More than 25 page math questions lined up with IAS state exams and general core

Mathematics Preparation for State Examination-3rd class taught and tested with Z.

Grade: 3rd

This resource contains over 25 pages of math questions that review multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, two-step problems, word problems, fractions, area and perimeter, graphs and shapes.

32 multiple choice math task cards

Mathematics Exam Preparation and Review Task Card 3rd Grade + Self-Checking Easel Evaluation by Rachel Linette

Grade: 3rd

Assist students to review different math concepts with the help of 32 Common Core Lined Task Cards. Use in the center, with games, or with the whole class for a fun math review activity. This resource comes with a digital version of a self-test through Easel Assessment.

1st grade summer themed color by sight sound packet

Sight Word Coloring Pages Packet First Grade – The Texan Texan Themed Summer

Grade: K – 2nd

Use this simple core aligned language art review packet to review visual words. Summer themed word pages include 5 different colors by word of mouth.

Read the ELA paragraph to find evidence

Identify and show proof reading passages by Real Native Learning Resources – ELA Complete Bundle

Grade: 3rd-6th

This Language Arts Review Packet contains a total of 96 standard-aligned short stories to help students review setting, themes, author motives, and more.

Acquire basic skills in mathematics momentum building.  Math warm-up level 1

Math Warming – EASEL Activity and Evaluation – Spiral Review – Level 1 – Free! Math gains momentum warmup

Grade: 7th – 9th

These practice exercises can be used to extend the study of algebra to students, to review basic math skills for algebra students, or to re-teach math skills required for students in any high school math course.

8 Review activities for high school students

Check out this language for understanding with art review packets and math resources.

SAT essay preparation for grades 9 to 12.  24 Slide Overview Lecture.  3 reinforcement lessons

SAT Essay Prep Bundle, Argument Deconstruct, Rhetorical Tools and Laura Randajor SAT Articles

Grade: 9th – 12th

In this overview bundle students will learn about the need for SAT essays, read argument essays on modern topics, and discover how skilled writers use a variety of rhetorical tools to support their position.

Reading and writing exam preparation bundle for secondary ELA

ELA Test Prep Bundle: Reading and Writing Practice and Assessment Activities by Carla McLeod

Grade: 9th-12th

Practice, evaluate and improve your reading and writing skills for your high school and advanced secondary school students with the help of this Language Arts Review Packet.

SAT reading and writing practice

SAT Practice Test by Mo Don – English (Reading and Writing)

Grade: 9th – 12th

Make sure students get all the exercises they need, including a 95-page reading and writing prompt for high school students.

Preparing for the non-fiction English exam for high school

English I & II Reading Comprehension Passage | PDF and Google Forms | STAAR PREPARATION | By Angela by custom classroom

9th – 12th grade

Reviews can be stressful and time consuming for the language arts exams at the end of the year. Save time with this reading comprehension passage resource.

7th grade math review packet.  Explain, illustrate, and practice problems

7th Grade Math Review Packet – Year End Maths Exam Preparation – Summer Mathematics Medium

Grade: 7th – 8th

Looking for a great way to review original 7th grade math ideas with your students? This math review packet contains some key topics taught in 7th grade math.

Algebra 1 Innovative question for EOC practice

Preparing for the EOC Review Packet Exam with innovative questions by Joan Kessler at the end of 1 year of Algebra

Grade: 6th – 9th

Help your students review Algebra 1 with these carefully selected problems.

Algebra 1 year end exam practice questions

Algebra I EOC Exam Complete Practice STAR Review Benchmark w Hit the Standards by Google Digital

Grade: 8th – 10th

Use this resource as a benchmark, review packet, year-end homework, exam preparation problem or even final exam as it covers most algebraic I standards.

Index function automatic grading easel evaluation

Index Function: Domain and Range Digital (Auto-Grading Easel Assessment) by Anna tyJA

Grade: 8th – 11th

Easily share these automated grading and self-examination easel assessments with your students so that you can practice finding domains and ranges of indexed functions in graphs and equations.

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