WeVideo and Vimeo offer great tips for recording and editing videos

Thanks to mobile devices and video editing tools, we can all become video producers today. But creating a good video requires more than just access to production tools. Making good videos starts with just a few basic steps like holding your phone or camera properly and knowing when to zoom in with the lens or zoom in on your feet.

In this short video, WeVideo offers three basic tips to shoot better videos

Vimeo Video School offers more than five dozen videos about making better videos. Two of their videos are embedded below.

Tips for quick focus from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo.

Zoom vs. Moving Camera from Vimeo Video School in Vimeo.

This old post on the TED blog lists ten tips for video editing. The tips focus on when and where to cut the video so you can create the smoothest video Each tip is accompanied by “before” and “after” samples.

Application for education
In the beginning, spring sports events, banquets, and awards ceremonies will have plenty of opportunities to capture videos of school events at the end of the school year. Take advantage of these tips to capture better footage that will help you and your students edit better videos.

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