We all talk about the secret of the teacher but do not accept it

Society expects a lot from those in charge of educating children. This often means that we have to be on top of our best behavior… or at least look like us! Alas, not everyone is perfect. We all have a number of teacher secrets that we hide from people outside the world of education. But we can certainly share them all! # Sorry or sorry. How many of these secret teacher jobs have you done?

1. We’ve all considered throwing away that pile of ungraded homework… and maybe we did!

Pictures of trash cans filled with paper

“All the papers are safely stored in the ‘Circular File Cabinet’ next to my desk and all the students have received a completion grade for the assignment. Work done and done! “

2. We all wore pajama bottoms while teaching distance learning.

Working from home with laptop wearing shirt, tie and pajama pants

“I just woke up and got on my laptop. No one will know if I change, put on a shirt and comb my hair! ”

3. We copied everything we weren’t supposed to.

The photocopier's picture is shown using a person's hand

“‘Don’t photocopy’ is really a suggestion, isn’t it?”

4. We all wore the same comfortable black pants more than once in the same week.

Young man standing on concrete floor - teacher's privacy

“Hey, they’re comfortable, they’re great to look at … and no one will ever know, including the slightly light-smelling sacrifice release.”

5. The day before the field trip we all expected injuries.

The woman with the cast is getting out of the car

“I am so sorry I have my crutches. I have to travel all day in the aquarium, walk around the sack lunch and try to find the bathroom every ten seconds. “

6. We are all terrified for the moment that we sent the wrong email to the wrong person.

The stunned black man stared at the laptop screen in frustration

“Send joy. Wait, did I say ‘all answered?’ Grace Tell me I didn’t answer everyone! ‘ Oh, all right, oh! That would be bad. “

7. We all hoped for that extra snowy day.

A close-up of a young man staring out the window of a small apartment in New York City's NYC Urban Bronx, Brooklyn Brick Housing, Guard Rail, security bar, weather check-in apartment

“Okay, I know I checked 10 minutes ago, but the weather is changing, isn’t it? I should just check again. Hmm … maybe another weather app will have more up-to-date forecasts!”

8. We all misspelled when writing on the whiteboard.

A picture of a cheerful school teacher writing notes on a whiteboard in class

“Yeah, well done. I deliberately misspelled this word to see who was smart enough to find it!”

9. We all tried to hide snacks or drinks without the students seeing us.

A woman eating strawberry cake

“No, I did No. Bring enough for class. That’s why I hid the cookie I didn’t eat during my lunch on the bookshelf, like a squirrel in my mouth for the winter!

10. We’ve all tried to draw something on the board just to make it look a bit suspicious.

The teacher is covering his eyes with shame“It’s a thermometer. What? Why are you all laughing? Oops … OK, let’s get rid of this. “

11. We’ve all played some version of a game with our students whose sole purpose is to keep them calm.

A smiling female teacher playing a game with a large group of children in a preschool.  They all have fingers on their lips


“I heard it as a sleeping lion, a graveyard, a secret spy or whose best carrot? But the only real rule is, if you talk, you’re out. Then sit quietly until the game is over.

12. We all scatter something on the paper that we are grading.

Desk with laptop and papers and a cup of coffee

“Let me cover this stain with a really big smiley face.”

13. We all hold a (clean!) Pencil that can be used as a walking stick.

Surprised woman drinking coffee - teacher's privacy

“I can go back to the teacher’s lounge to get the rod, but my pencil is right there. Who cares?”

14. We all fail to “grow up” in an argument with a student.

The angry teacher points to the background of the backboard - the teacher's privacy

“I know you are, but what am I? You know what Just shut up and do your job … ‘Because that’s what I said. “

15. We all sent That student Just get out of work on a break.

Close-up transfer of envelopes from hand to hand

“Why yes, I would love it if you could take this note here to teachers across campus.”

16. We’ve all been called sick … not really sick.

The woman in bed is checking the smartphone

“I may not have a fever, flu or any other physical illness, but if I come to school today, I may lose it. Does that count? “(Yes, yes it does.)

17. We all showed a movie or called for a quiet time because we needed a break ৷

In biology lessons, school children are watching movies about the natural environment

“Okay, I have a migraine. So we’re going to quietly take out our textbooks and silently solve 1 to 67 problems. Did I mention that we will do it in silence? “

18. Or we all called for an early holiday and blamed the students for not paying attention.

Children from multi-ethnic groups are playing hopscotch outside, jumping and having fun

“It simply came to our notice then. Let’s hit that quadrangle court and get some strength out! ”

19. We all realized something really embarrassing too late.

A close-up shot of a businessman walking into the office with toilet paper stuck to his shoes

“Is my skirt tucked into my tights? But I didn’t go to the bathroom for a few hours … “

20. When we are all happy Sure The students were absent.

An attendance list picture

“Oh, Michael has straps and will be out for the rest of the week? That Terrible! What? No, of course, I’m not laughing! I … cough! I just swallowed some water, and it went down the wrong pipe. That’s the end of it. “

21. We all had favorite students.

Happy African American schoolgirl gives her teacher a high-five during class

“Has Alia Lacrosse joined the team? It’s amazing! He and I talked about it last year. “

22. We have all expressed genuine interest in receiving suspicious admin feedback.

A picture of a confident Malaysian woman giving a job interview at a non-profit environmental organization.  In front of him is an unidentified human resource manager holding his resume.

“I will Absolutely Think about how I can implement this idea. Thank you so much! “

23. We all turned a blind eye when asked to do an icebreaker at a staff meeting.

A group of young businessmen, dressed in smart casual attire, sit together at the table and look away, annoyed

“Would it be inappropriate to write ‘IHATEPD’ on my vanity nameplate? I’m asking for a friend. “

24. We all had a colleague whose drama was too much.

Shot of a young design professional looking frustrated while sitting at his computer

“No, to be honest, when Patricia mentioned that she thought it might be fun to try a different novel next year, I Didn’t Take it for granted that everything you teach is boring and old-fashioned and that you are not a good teacher. I just thought, you know, he thinks it might be fun to try a new book next year. “

25. We’ve all “borrowed” (or at least) Thoughts About borrowing) drinks or snacks from that faculty fridge.

Refrigerator Warning: "Don't eat my sandwich!"

“Well, on the one hand, stealing this diet coke is a terrible, horrible violation of the trust of colleagues. On the other hand, if I don’t get some caffeine in me, there’s no way to get through the rest of the day. Tactical … very clever. “

26. We all regret what we said to our students.

Teachers sitting with their hands on their foreheads in the school classroom

“I did Seriously Just tell a fifth-grade team to line up for the holidays to hold their ball until they’re out? What I was Thoughts?! “

27. We all thought we could do something else with a teaching degree.

Top view of a woman sitting on the floor and using a laptop job search - teacher's privacy

“I can be a truck driver. Only me. Driving as well. No one calls me by name millions of times a day. Only me. Listening to the radio. Or not. I could drive in complete silence. “

28. We all behave just as badly during faculty meetings as our students do in class.

In the audience, various business people sit in chairs and listen to meetings or seminars, focusing on the young businesswoman at the forefront.

“It’s not my fault. My teacher-bestie just told a funny story and I can’t stop laughing.

29. We all hold our distance learning lesson while a student waits to turn on their camera… or a shirt.

Young Black Woman Teaching Distance Learning Lessons - Teacher's Privacy 7

“Thanks for turning on your camera, but now you need a shirt. Yeah, you have to wear a shirt in class. Yeah, even when we’re online. No, we’ll wait. Put on a shirt, please.”

30. We all secretly laugh at someone who doesn’t have a great job like us.

African-American teacher teaches school children

“Wait. Doesn’t your work make you laugh, cry, jump up and down in joy, pull your hair out, sad and happy? You don’t know for sure that you are creating one The real difference Every day? Wow, that’s … weird. “

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