Three tools for quickly creating year-end slideshow videos

As I mentioned in my weekly newsletter, a sure sign that the end of the school year is approaching always increases the number of questions I receive about saving and moving files in my inbox. Another sign that the end of the school year is approaching is the increase in questions that have just arrived in my inbox, I have taken many pictures this year. I want to put them in a slideshow with music for my students for the last day of school. Do you recommend the program? Thanks.

If you’re also thinking of creating year-end slideshow videos for your students, here are a few tools I recommend.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Video
Adobe Creative Cloud Express was formerly known as Adobe Spark. I’ve been using it since it was launched half a dozen years ago. Adobe Creative Cloud Express makes it easy for students to create short audio slideshow videos. It has a library of background music that you can insert into your videos. Finally, Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a collaborative tool so you can invite a colleague to work with you on creating year-end slideshow videos. Watch this video to learn how to create videos with Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

Canvas Audio slideshow offers two ways to create video. The first way is to put together a series of slides and then select a soundtrack to play in the background. That process is displayed here. Another way is to use the Canvar full video editor to add a custom timing to the description in an audio slideshow video. That process is shown in this video.

Microsoft Photos
Microsoft Photos has a video creation tool for creating small audio slideshow-style videos. You can find it only by opening the Native Photos app in Windows 10. Editor includes tools to add animated effects to still images, insert your existing video clips into a video project, and add audio to your video. Creative Commons has a great option for searching licensed images and inserting them directly into your video project. The best part of that feature is that the attribution information is automatically added to the images you choose through the built-in search tool. In the following video I provide a demonstration of how to create a video on Microsoft Photos in Windows 10.

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