Three registration-free drawing tools for students

Tools like Google Jamboard and Explain Everything can be great for creating drawings to illustrate ideas. They can also be a good tool for students to use to tell their stories. But sometimes you just need a quick and easy tool that students can use to create a drawing or general animation without having to jump into an account. In this case, the following free tools provide a great way for students to quickly create digital drawings

Brush Ninja
For over five years I have been using Brush Ninja to create simple animations. A few years ago I wrote something about using a brush ninja in eighth grade. This video provides a demonstration of how to use Brush Ninja which is free and does not require registration The GIF brush featuring this blog post has been created using Ninja.

Draw and tell
Draw & Tell is a free iPad app that has been on my list of recommendations for K-2 students for many years. In this free app students can draw a blank page or a full color page template. Students record a voiceover after they finish drawing so they can either explain the drawing or tell a story about the characters they draw.

ABCya Animate

ABCya Animate is a fun tool that lets students create animated GIFs consisting of 100 frames. At ABCya Animate, students create their own animations by drawing, typing and inserting pictures. Students can change the background of each frame, add new images to each frame, and change the text in each frame of their animation. One of the features I like most about ABCya Animate is that students can see the previous frames of their animation while working on the current frame. This helps students to know where to place the items in each frame to make the animations as smooth as possible. Students do not need to register with ABCya Animate to use the tool or save their animations. When students click on “Save” in the ABCya animate, their creation is downloaded as a GIF.

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