This is the time teachers catch up on normal life

There are times when we say, “We have to wait.” I will never forget the year I stopped going to the dentist for so long that I ended up with a mouth full of cavities. Oh, and the reason I don’t have wires? I never stayed home for installation. Have my car serviced? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Many non-teachers think that we are lucky enough to have a long break, but let’s face it. Breaks are the time when teachers lead “normal” lives.

We are going to the dentist and ophthalmologist and the primary care doctor …

“I’m finally getting my wisdom teeth out.” – Gabriel

“I have a 3:25 pm appointment with my dentist.” -Jo.

“All doctors!” -Linda

“I’m sitting in the dentist’s chair reading this!” – Judy

We are taking care of our car

“Oil changes, and tire rotation.” – Jill

“I’m taking my car for inspection, and then going to DMV to update my license.” -Ansley

“Vehicles at the dealership because I have three recalls and I have to change the oil!” – Tracy

“I have been cracking the windshield of my car for months. I hope I take care of this break. “- Karen

We’re cleaning our house and then some

“The garage is being cleaned.” – Maria

“I need to clean my windows.” – Rachel

“All the rubbish in the sofa cushions is being vacuumed!” – Elizabeth

“Spring house cleaning … from spring 2019.” – Lynn

We are taking care of our children

“I’m taking my son for a haircut.” – Shia

“I just took my kids to their annual pediatric appointment and got a flu shot this morning. The struggle is real. “-Susan

“Appointments for all my kids. I spent half my break in those places! ” – They

“Looking The car Or Troll 80 times, spitting out, mentioning fights, and snatching lots of my twin boys. ” – Lindsay

We are taking care of our pets

“Dog surgery on the first day off.” – Holly

“I’m taking my dog ​​to the vet,” said Tracy

“Dog training!” -Mitz

“I took the dog to the attendant yesterday.” -Robin

We are working on the project

“Painting my kitchen cabinets.” -Maddy

“Shampooing the carpet and organizing the garage.” – Nina

“Hall and entrance painting.” -Melania

“Decluttering with Capital D!” -Dian

So the next time someone tells you how lucky you are to spend so much time on vacation, you can send them this article, and as Jane says in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE Facebook group, let them know that for many of us, “break is not a break, it’s just catching up. An opportunity! ”

And now, I’m going to the ophthalmologist, the veterinarian, and then I have to clean my kitchen cabinets.

What are the “normal” things you’re doing over the break? Share the comment! For more teacher humor, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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