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Teacher planners are a hot topic in the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group. Teachers are always on the lookout for the perfect planner, which will help them to continue their lessons, meetings, activities and even their personal lives. We planning teachers recommend each other the most. Take a look and find your own new favorite!

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Good planner

Weekly layout of color planner pages from The Happy Planner (Teacher Planner)

Teachers only worship the good planner! They recommend this brand more than any other brand in the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group. Brooke R. Says, “Love my good planner! This is awesome. Lots of space for lesson planning! I bought note page and folder inserts, so I take it to meetings and use it to take notes, write dates and keep any handouts I give!”

Check out the many customizable layouts and choose the one that is right for you Not only is there a section for teacher planners, but also explore other options. Then add stickers, folder pages and other accessories and put them together with binder discs of different colors and sizes. Planer box kits are a great option. Find everything you need in a large kit, including themed stickers and accessories.

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Day Designer Planner

Pictures of several planner covers

If the options are what you are looking for, Day Designer may be exactly what you are looking for in a teacher planner. In addition to the beautiful cover design, their daily, weekly and monthly layouts are available for purchase. WeAreTeachers HELPLINE Teacher Melanie E. Day also gave a great tip about the designer, shared “[the] The website has lots of planning pages that you can download for free. I love them! “

Buy it: Day Designer

Blue Sky Teacher Lesson Planner

Blue sky spiral-bound teacher planner with floral, polka dot and plain black cover

This brand is another perennial favorite among experienced teachers. Blue Sky creates different types of planners in different styles. Their teacher planners include monthly calendar pages and weekly pages, with plenty of space to write individual class plans. You’ll also find simple teacher reference pages, such as class birthdays and contact information. Choose from floral, polka dots or plain black covers. You may also like Blue Sky’s Academic Year Planner, designed for teachers and students.

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Erin Kondren Planners

Pictures of various Erin Kondren teacher planners

Well known to anyone familiar with planners, Erin Kondren makes teacher planners, many of whom post on WeAreTeachers HELPLINE. Jane R. Her Erin Kondren likes the planner’s “layout” and Kayla S calls her planner “vertically, not horizontally.”

For the upcoming school year, Erin Condren teacher planners will include weekly, monthly, and yearly plans, lesson plans and goal-setting sections, and more. Additionally, teachers can choose planners that are spiral bound, softbound or even planner pages that match the binder.

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Kdigitalstudio Digital Planner

A picture of a teacher planner holding a woman's hand on an iPad

Mandi R. WeAreTeachers warns other teachers at HELPLINE, “Digital planning is so addictive – so be careful!” Kdigitalstudio Digital Teacher Planners are designed to work best with tablets or laptops. There are many templates available for your planner to really work for you. Different pages allow you to track learning objectives, plan projects and articles, keep track of class information, and more. If you’re worried about missing out on fun decorative touches like stickers and beautiful covers, don’t worry! Those are included. Additionally, your Digital Planner comes with instructions on how to access video tutorials and help those of us who are new to digital planning.

Buy it: Kdigitalstudio

Plum Paper Teacher Planner

Spiral-bound planner with school supplies on cover

When Plum Paper says “personal” teacher planners, they really mean it. First, narrow down your preferences by grade level (pre-K, primary, or mid / high). Then choose from multiple sizes and layouts, as well as dozens of personalized cover patterns. Customize your planner further with pre-printed pages showing topics, times and other details. You will also find various accessories and add-ons. If you want a planner who meets your very perfect standards, then Plum Paper is the way to go.

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Alan is a teacher planner

Teacher Planner Collage by Alan with Plain Blue and Green Cover and Floral Print

When you are looking for a quality basic planner, Alan is one of our preferred options. Alan understands that some teachers prefer planners that have days listed horizontally at the top, others prefer days listed below. They also offer six-, seven- and 8-period versions, so you will have the space you need no matter how many classes you teach each day. Folding-out pages also come with a larger size option that requires more space to hold everything.

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Bloom Planner

Bloom planner cover with collage, flower and school supplies motif

These non-traditional planners cover an academic year, giving you plenty of space for lesson plans, schedules and more. The colored cover (four options available) is protected by a frosted plastic overlay, and the spiral binding allows the planner to lie flat for easy use. Additional pages include grade-book spreads, sub-info, contacts, and even a field trip planner!

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Teacher color planner

Spiral-bound teacher color planner cover

Planning can be stressful, so we like this planner which includes coloring pages and borders that are suitable for mindful relaxation. Plan pages with both monthly and weekly spreads suffice. Other welcome additions include a folder page and notes, space for holidays and birthdays.

Buy it: Teacher color scheme book

Higher teacher planning goals

Picture of the teacher planner on the desk

Created by Carson Delosa Publishing, this designer has been designed by a company that has been producing teacher materials for over 40 years. Planner is dateless, suitable for those of us who have a tendency to stop and start our plans or who want to start July (or December) instead of August or September. It contains contact logs, alternative information and a note section. Jolen M. Says, “I like that this planner comes up with a graph paper section! I use it to plan sitting charts and I want to move around my classroom at any time. “

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Home Suite Classroom Planner

Home Suite Classroom Teacher Planner with Sticker Page

Love stickers? This is your planner! You get over 300 stickers to personalize this planner and make it your own It includes monthly spreads for the academic year and 40 weekly page spreads for lesson planning.

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Malbok teacher planner

Teacher planner with cactus design on cover, open to show weekly plan spreads (teacher planner)

If you don’t want to spend a lot, Maalbok’s planners are a smart choice. This includes monthly and weekly spreads for the whole year. There are pages for special dates and birthdays, weekly activities and reference information. Spiral binding allows it to be laid flat for easy writing.

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Emilyn Bloom Teacher Planner

With the daily spread of flower-covered teacher planners

Looking for a bargaining planner? This basic option will not break the bank. You won’t get a spiral binding or many bells and whistles, but it will cover most of your needs. It has hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon, so it’s definitely a teacher’s best choice.

Buy it: Emelin Bloom Planner

Daily plan book for pre-school

Daily Plan Book for Pre-School Cover (Teacher Planner)

Pre-K teachers need different plans and this book is designed just for them. It’s beautiful and large with a bright cover, so it won’t get lost in the clutter of your desk. There are additional pages for student details, sub-information, classroom layout, birthdays and more.

Buy this: Daily Plan Book for Preschool

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