The best sports books for children, recommended by teachers

Whether your reader is a sportsman or just a fan, these books celebrate a wide cross section of the athletic endeavor so that any reader-athlete has something to enjoy. And even if your child is not a sports fan, it should be noted that sports stories often bring a lot of fun and excitement to the nature of games and competitions, so one of these lessons may be a good move beyond their comfort zone. Here are the best sports books for kids of all ages.

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Preschool and kindergarten

1. National Geographic Kids Sports Sticker Activity Book

Examples of National Geographic Sports Sticker Activity Book Cover, Soccer Ball, Clits, Basketball, Baseball, Best Sportsbook for Kids

In this interactive sticker book, young children interested in games and competitions will be introduced to a cross section of different sports. It is full of information and history about a variety of sports — from traditional team games to extreme activities.

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2. Goodnight Hockey by Michael Dahl, illustrated by Christina Forsche

Sports Illustrated Goodnight Hockey book cover with illustrations of children's hockey players as an example of the best sports book for kids

If your little one is attracted to the rink, this sweet rhyming board book will make their hockey dream come true.

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3. Illustrated by Michael Dahl’s Goodnight Soccer, Christina Forsche

As an example of the best sports book for kids, the cover of a goodnight soccer book with a picture of a young woman lying in bed with her soccer ball.

One of Sports Illustrated’s Goodnight sports books, this fascinating photo book is a bedtime story for football lovers, celebrating the world’s most popular game on every page.

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4. CC Joven’s basketball break, illustrated by Alex LopezExamples of boys' basketball dribbling on the cover of the book Basketball Break, as an example of the best sports book for kids.

This introductory lesson gives young basketball players a lesson about not being ball hogs and is also great for building early lesson skills.

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Early primary / independent reader

5. Big book by WHO All-Star by Sports Illustrated Kids

Book cover by Sports Illustrated Kids WHO All-Star's Big Book as an example of the best sports book for kids with small photos of basketball players, soccer players, soccer players

If your sports-loving child is about the greatest, then this Sports Illustrated Round-up must know 128 page names for each game. Great for kids who collect sports information just like others collect trading cards.

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6. Beastly Basketball by Lauren Amanda Johnson, portrayed by Eduardo Garcia

On the cover of Lauren Amanda Johnson's Beastley Basketball book, Eduardo Garcia illustrates a basketball game and a player dunking ball, as examples of the best sports books for kids.

When Joe’s kung fu studio closed, he brought his training to court, teaching his ragtag new basketball team the discipline he had learned in martial arts.

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7. 8-bit baseball by Brandon Terrell, illustrated by Eduardo Ferrer

In this graphic novel, Jared Richards loses a bet and has to stop playing baseball video games and start playing in real life. But after a surprising success on the field, he encountered an error in reality and technology.

Cover of Brandon Terrell's 8-bit baseball book, illustrated by Eduardo Ferreira with illustrations of the best sports book for kids, with images of baseball and video games with players.

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8. What is the Stanley Cup? Illustrated by Gayle Herman, by Gregory Copeland

Is the Stanley Cup the cover of the book?  Hockey game by Gayle Herman, featuring Gregory Copeland and holding the player's Stanley Cup, as examples of the best sports books for kids

One of the best sports books for hockey-loving kids, this guide to everything about the National Hockey League Championship Series explains how Stanley Cup finals work and their history from the very beginning. (Did you know that the Stanley Cup is now the oldest sports trophy in the world ?!)

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Twin from Older Elementary

9. Matt Christopher’s The Kid Who Only hit Homers

Cover of Matt Christopher's The Kid Who Hit Only Homers book

Matt Christopher is the king of children’s baseball novels. In one of his most well-known attempts, baseball-lover Sylvester magically hits home runs from a strike out — but his new ability forces him to think about what makes a good teammate.

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10. BMX Breakthrough by Carl Bowen and Benny Fuentes, illustrated by Gerardo Sandoval

The cover of the book BMX Breakthrough by Carl Bowen and Benny Fuentes depicts Gerardo Sandoval as an example of the best sports book for kids, with examples of biker tactics.

In this sports illustrated graphic novel, BMX Bike Riders see themselves in a role in the story of a BMX biker who has to regain his courage after an injury.

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11. Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

Cover of Victoria Jamieson's Roller Girl's book with images of girl roller skating

This Newbery Honor graphic novel celebrates the roller derby, as well as the importance of creating the best path for you. A great lesson for those who are about to enter high school.

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12. Football genius by Tim Green

Team Green's football genius book cover with a picture of a young player standing alone in a football stadium

Troy White is a child who can predict before football games — any team, any game — and when his mother gets a job with the Atlanta Falcons, she will do whatever it takes to use her gifts.

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13. Being Mohammed Ali by Kwame Alexander and James Patterson

Cover of a book written by Alexander and James Patterson in Kwame with a picture of Mohammad Ali punching.

The story of the origin of boxing legend Mohammad Ali has come to life in this fascinating book written about his early life with the full cooperation of his family property.

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14. Ghost of Jason Reynolds (Track Book 1)

Host book cover (track, book 1) Jason Reynolds with a yellow background and a small picture of a boy leaving the page

The first book in Jason Reynolds’ track quartet follows Ghost, the fastest sprinter on his team who must adapt to his past if he wants to reach the Junior Olympics.

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15. Swimming team by Johnny Christmas

With a picture of a young woman taking off her goggles in the book pool cover of the Johnny Christmas swimming team

In this graphic novel, the reluctant swimmer Brie is inspired by an elderly neighbor and eventually becomes his high school hope to reach the state championships.

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16. Eva-Mary Palmer’s Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook, illustrated by Martha Casey

Eva-Mary Palmer's cover of Gabby Garcia's Ultimate Playbook book, featuring Marta Casey with a picture of a girl holding a hockey stick and baseball gloves.

In the first of the three-book series, never-losing pitcher Gabby Garcia wants to keep his winning streak alive — and he has to make the right play to do so when he suddenly has to switch to middle school.

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High school and up

17. Chris Bosch’s letter to a young athlete
Cover of Letters to a Young Athlete by Chris Bosch with illustrations of young basketball players

NBA Hall of Famer (as well as 11-time All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist) Chris Bosch shortened his career due to a strange treatment, but it did not remove him from the sport. In this book, he evaluates what qualities and traits are often seen among the best athletes and gives his best advice for kids to navigate the sporting life এবং and life in general.

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18. Furi by Yamil Saeed Mendez

The cover of Yamil Saeed Mendez's book Furia with a picture of a young Argentine woman

An Argentine girl lives a dual life — one playing football as Fourier, the other trying to please her narrow mother and the other avoiding her angry father — in this award-winning contemporary novel.

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19. No Stopping Us Now by Lucy Jane Bladeso

Lucy Jane Bladesor's No Stopping Use Now book cover with a picture of a basketball hoop at sunset

This semi-autobiographical novel is an inspirational lesson in history and perseverance for a group of young female basketball players fighting for a team of their own in 1974 (just after passing Title IX).

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20. Like other girls by Britta Lundin

The cover of Britta Lundin's Not Like Ginger Girls book with the image of a girl sitting in a bleacher with a backpack wearing a pink football jersey

Mara, a lesbian, when she realizes she has some normal footballing abilities and wants to go out for the team, sees her work as a political statement that attracts girls who can’t really play like her – including her crush.

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