The best shoes for student education recommended by real teachers

Teaching students is an exciting passage. This is a good time to start making your teacher’s attire, which of course includes a cool kick for school. I remember when I was a student teacher I couldn’t wait to start my carefully curated collection of cardigans, dressy pants (the kind you can still sit crosscase apples when you need them), clothes that were fun and easy to move around , And the best shoes for student education. I knew I wanted comfortable and stylish shoes because I could walk all day, walk around the desk, and even walk through some cold stuff on vacation. Depending on the season and where you student-teach, you’re looking for some boots to keep you warm, or it could be sandal season (every teacher’s favorite).

I’ve compiled a list of the best shoes for student education for all the exuberant new molders-of-the-mind!

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1. Slip-on mule

Black slip on mule, as an example of the best shoes for student education

We prefer a slip-on shoe because it takes less time when you rush to a morning meeting. These shoes are right in the middle of the level of dressiness. You can easily decorate it with a fun pixie pants. You can wear it with jeans on Fridays for a more casual look. Bonus, they are comfortable. “Choose a price point, aesthetics, comfort-everything,” says one Zappos reviewer.

We recommend: Slip-on mulls at Zappos

2. Funny loafers

Pink loafer shoes, as an example of the best shoes for student education

These fun loafers will add a pop of color to your outfit. “These are beautiful loafers and they’re so comfortable that I feel like I’m gliding when I wear them,” Neptune wrote. Who doesn’t want to slip through their day? I know I do!

We recommend: Loafers at Zappos

3. Albert

Navy Alberts Tree Breezer, as an example of the best shoes for student education

We can’t give up the most requested, best-selling shoes for comfort and style! You get what you pay for with these shoes and at the end of your day, these puppies won’t bark. In addition to the tree bridge, the Albards have plenty of other comfortable options for both men and women. For example, check out our review of Albird’s Wool Loungers.

We recommend: Allbirds Tree Breezers at Allbirds

4. Birkenstock

Black Birkenstocks, as an example of the best shoes for student education

I wore these in the classroom and one student told me, “If you don’t work, you’re not Birken,” and I think it was a lyric that referred to a lot of expensive Birkin bags, but I still liked the legitimacy. These shoes are so comfortable. Depending on your school’s dress code, you may find these too casual for you, but I think they’ve paired up great with a fun outfit! Zappos alone has over a thousand positive reviews. “They are very comfortable and light weight,” says one reviewer.

We recommend: Birkenstocks at Zappos

5. Classic Cade

White Classic Keds, as an example of the best shoes for student education

This platform is an absolute staple of sneakers. The sneakers are definitely there right now. You can sort these up or down. The height of the added platform makes them a stylish addition to the classic sneakers. One Zappos reviewer wrote, “I work at a school that has a fairly long community walk and my legs were perfectly fine, with no discomfort. Basically, I can’t wait to start buying sneakers again — I forgot how great they are! ”

We recommend: Keds at Zappos

6. Naturalizer Morrison Sneaker

Naturalizer Morrison sneakers, as an example of the best shoes for student education

These sneakers are made for comfort but provide style. G, a reviewer at Zappos, writes, “I wore these to my kids’ school last week and received several compliments. When I told them they were by Naturalizer, I got a few breaths. Mothers could not believe how beautiful they were! I would recommend these shoes. “

We recommend: Naturalizer Morrisons at Zappos

7. Soft toe sandals

Camel-colored soft nalani shoes, as an example of the best shoes for teaching students

These shoe sandals are absolutely perfect for the season. These can be worn above or below and the color of the camel goes with almost anything. Claire, a Zappos reviewer, wrote, “Perfect summer sandals. Looks great with both jeans and summer daywear. Very comfortable, so they were my work shoes for the day.”

We recommend: Soft Nalani sandals at Zappos

8. Crocs

Crocs shoes

I can’t believe these are Crocs! I know your high school students are playing crochet after socks throughout the school year, but these crocodiles improve! They have the same classic comfort factor that Crocs offers but a fun, dressy look. Zappos reviewer Marlene says, “… these are the most comfortable sandals I wear! No problem with plantar fasciitis! I highly recommend this!

We recommend: Crocs at Zappos

9. Pencil flat

Pencil flat sneakers

For those who smile brightly when wearing teachers ’traditional accessories, wear these adorable flats with our favorite teacher t-shirts. One teacher wrote about them, “I am a teacher and on my feet all day. There was no blister even on the first day! ”

We recommend: Pencil flat on Amazon

10. Reebok sneakers

Reebok sneakers

The timeless design of these classic sneakers makes these shoes cool and comfortable for the classroom. One reviewer wrote, “So comfortable !! I’ve been wearing these for over 8 hours a day since the beginning of September 2nd and the cushions inside haven’t diminished at all !! These shoes are amazing for long wear. “

We recommend: Reebok sneakers on Amazon

11. Clarks boots

Clark student teacher shoe boots

These boots are perfect for men looking for the right shoes to pair with their chino pants. “All in all, they are handsome, comfortable boots at a very reasonable price,” wrote one reviewer.

We recommend: Clarks Boots on Amazon

12. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots student teacher shoes

These boots are all angry, and for good reason. I have ordered this perfect pair and can prove them for comfort. These shoes definitely belong high in your list of best shoes for student education. These are easy to slip and perfect for cold days!

We recommend: Chelsea boots on Amazon

13. New Balance Sneaker

New balance sneakers

These are classic shoes that I have worn as a student and as a teacher. They work for men and women. They never go out of style and stand the test of time and comfort. Reviewer Bev says, “I got these for work and I’m pretty much on my feet! They perform well! Light on the feet! ”

We recommend: New Balance Sneakers in New Balance

14. Rockport Hill

Rockport Hill

These heels are there to support you on those long days when you’re getting an assessment or on parent-teacher conference nights. Barbara, a Zappos reviewer, writes, “This is the most comfortable pump for me, and I usually don’t wear heels এমনকি even low heels কারণ because they’re not comfortable.”

We recommend: Rockport Hill at Zappos

15. Doc Martens

Dr. Marten shoes

The 90s are back and your students are obsessed with them. You may already own a pair of these boots. They are great for both male and female teachers. They are stylish but not loud and chic. They just sit and hang out as they know they are great and they don’t have to face you about it.

We recommend: Doc Martens at Zappos

16. Ballet flat

Ballet flat student education shoes

No list of “best shoes for student learning” would be complete without a classic ballet flat. It’s like dropping a cardigan off the teacher’s list of main items of clothing or dropping coffee off the teacher’s essentials list. These flats are very nice and comfortable. Stephanie writes, “I wear these shoes as a teacher 6 classes a day. At first they felt a bit narrow around the foot box, but after 2 days they broke down and became very comfortable. I feel great after wearing these shoes all day and they are very stylish. I’m probably 4/5 days later this week and they still look great. “

We recommend: Ballet flats at Zappos

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