The best shark books for children, recommended by teachers

Whether your young reader is immersed in the excitement of Shark Week or a longtime fan of the most dangerous and fascinating swimmers in the ocean, these shark books for kids are sure to give you something to sink their teeth into.

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1. Shawn Loves Shark by Curtis Manley, portrayed by Tracy Subisak

Curtis Manley's Shawn Loves Sharks book cover, illustrated by Tracy Subisak with a picture of a boy reading books underwater with sharks as an example of a shark book for children.

Shawn is a shark fanatic. So when his teacher assigns marine life reports to the class, he gets dissatisfied when someone else gets sharks as a subject. Kids with any kind of obsession can relate to this award-winning title.

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2. Shark dog! By Gad Adamson

Shark dog book cover!  An example of a shark book for kids by Gad Adamson with an example of a shark that looks like a dog on the beach

Is it a shark or a dog? It’s half of each and it’s the little loving little but sometimes confusing new pet of the little girl at the top of this exuberant photo book.

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3. Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale

The shark wears a striped shirt and hat on the cover of Bruce Hale's Clark the Shark and writes on a desk, an example of a shark book for children.

The first in a series, Clark the Shark has been described as one of the funniest, enthusiastic big fish in the ocean. The problem is, he can sometimes be too much for his fish family and friends.

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4. The Shark Lady by Jess Keating, portrayed by Marta Alvarez Miguens

Sharp Lady's book cover with a picture of a female scuba diver under the water next to a shark as an example of a shark book for kids

The true story of scientist Eugenie Clark is about denying expectations in multiple ways: Clark set out to learn about a world shark that believed that fish was nothing but bad news and that women should not be scientists.

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5. Misunderstood Shark by Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Scott Magoon

The cover of Ame Dyckman's book Misunderstood Shark features an underwater shark with a small marine creature holding a microphone as an example of a shark book for children.

Everyone thinks sharks are useless, no matter what they actually do. This photo book provides interesting information and revolves around a hilarious story about a shark that confuses an underwater TV crew.

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6. My little golden book about sharks by Bonnie Bader illustrated by Steve Laberis

My Little Golden Book book cover about Bonnie Bader's Sharks, illustrated by Stef Laberis with a picture of a shark under the sea as an example of a shark book for kids.

Many species of sharks that roam the oceans receive the iconic Golden Book Treatment in this guide.

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7. I’m getting a shark! By Brady Smith

I'm Getting a Shark Book cover!  Brady Smith with a picture of a girl running sharks as an example in the book Sharks for Kids at Sea

A little girl overhears her parents discussing sharks and assumes she’s getting one for her birthday. But when he learns that they have adopted a wild shark in his name, he must adjust his attitude.

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8. Hark! A shark! Illustrated by Bonnie Worth, Aristides Ruiz and Joe Matthew

Hark's book cover!  A shark!  As illustrated by Bonnie Worth in the book Shark for Kids, illustrated by Aristideus Ruiz and Joe Matthews with a picture of a cat in a hat swimming with sharks.

Kid Favorite The Cat in the Hat guides young readers to explore the world of sharks, learn how we study them and discover why they are not as frightening as we believe.

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9. Dude! Illustrated by Dan Santat, by Aaron Reynolds

Dude book cover!  Sharks depicted by Aaron Reynolds as illustrated by Dan Santat looking at underwater animals swimming, for example in the book Sharks for Kids

The book has two friends: Beaver and Platypus, just one word (“Dude!”), And a giant shark in a lively and unexpected splash of a story.

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10. Shark! National Geographic Kids Sticker Activity Book

Shark book cover!  National Geographic Kids' sticker activity book with pictures of different types of sharks

A thousand shark stickers and a wealth of games and activities make this fun book irresistible to shark-loving kids.

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11. Una and sharks by Kelly Depuccio, illustrated by Raisa Figueroa

Cover of Kelly Deputio's Ona and the Shark, illustrated by Raisa Figuero with a picture of a young girl swimming with sharks.

She is a naughty mermaid that fits almost every creature under the sea. But Stanley Shark is not impressed by his invention, yet he works to earn his friendship.

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Newly independent reader

12. Everything about sharks and other underwater animals is awesome! By Mike Lowry

Book cover of everything awesome about sharks and other underwater animals!  By Mike Lowry with a variety of shark images

This 128-page reference book is full of shark information and fun, illustrated in lively colors, and paused by humorous comics and nonsense. It is part of a larger series of books, Everything Mighty, by author-illustrator Mike Lowry.

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13. Pedro and Shark by Fran Manushkin, illustrated by Tammy Lyons

Cover of the book Pedro and the Shark by Frank Manushkin, depicted by Tammy Lyons with a picture of a boy standing in front of a shark tank.

When Pedro’s class goes on a field trip to the aquarium, he doesn’t notice when he’s left behind in that shark tank. The book in this chapter is suitable for shark-loving readers.

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14. National Geographic Kids: The Ultimate Book of Sharks Brian Scherry

National Geographic Kids Book Cover: Brian Scurry's Ultimate Book of Sharks with Pictures of Different Sharks

While National Geographic Kids promises a “final” book of anything, you know it will be full of interesting stories, jaw-dropping information, and amazing photography, and this guide is no exception for sharks.

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15. How to draw sharks by Arkady Roytman

Cover of Arcady Reitman's How to Draw Shark with a sketch of a shark

If you are looking for a book on sharks for kids who like to draw, the easy-to-follow instructions in this book can help young artists draw the kind of shark that can best draw their imagination.

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16. Pocket Genius: Shark: Information at your fingertips by DK

Pocket Genius Book Cover: Sharks: Facts at Your FingerTips by DK with Images of Different Types of Sharks

DK’s Pocket Genius series packs serious information into a volume that can be easily slipped into a backpack or, yes, a pocket. The shark-covered version contains 150 species.

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17. Magic Tree House: Shadow of the Shark by Marie Pope Osborne, portrayed by Sal Murdoch

Magic Tree House Book Cover: Shadow of the Shark by Mary Pope Osborne, illustrated by Sal Murdoch with two babies in a boat eaten by sharks

In this edition of Magic Treehouse, Jack and Annie are taken to Mexico to retire from their adventure, only to encounter a hungry shark! Newly independent readers will love how this series works with information in an exciting narrative.

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