The best remote teaching jobs and how to get them

When COVID-19 closed schools a few years ago, teachers everywhere suddenly focused on online teaching. It was a very difficult time for the teachers, and many were happy to return to the physical classroom when they could. Others, though, have found that they really like to teach online. For some people, distance learning tasks actually fit a lot better. If you are looking for one of these locations, here are some places to get started ৷

Virtual school

Virtual schools actually existed long before the epidemic, albeit only privately in some places. Now, many states offer free virtual schooling for K-12, and need teachers to fill their online classrooms. In most cases, you will need to be in the state that provides the online school for certification and testing purposes. There are also many private virtual school companies that sometimes offer better pay rates than public virtual schools.

Real teacher experience

“Love it! This is my first year and after many years of searching I finally found my home! Earn more than me at the local school, full benefits and pensions! A dream to have the best group of teachers and admins!” (Jennifer L., 12 teachers at Stride)

Distance learning job quotes:

Virtual School Remote Teaching Job Search

Do a web search to find public school distance learning jobs in your state, whether they offer virtual schools and if there are any open ones. You can also test at companies that run these schools, both public and private. Here’s something to try.

  • Stride K12: The agency operates virtual schools in multiple states and is open to full- and part-time online teachers. Teachers report that salaries are better or better than in local districts, and benefits and retirement are also paid.
  • Connection Academy: This is another popular choice for public school districts, where there are many open positions.

ESL online teaching

Some of the most popular distance learning activities are teaching English as a second language. You can work for companies that register to follow their own curriculum, or to practice one-on-one or short class discussions. If you want to work part-time, these jobs may be ideal, but keep in mind that for many of them, you will have to work odd hours to align with the time of day around the world.

Real teacher experience

“I like the hours so flexible and when I have to cancel, I can. I work before school and on weekends. The disadvantages are my own hours: they are early or late at night so it can be difficult if you have a full-time job. “Once you learn the lessons and features of the program, no preparation is required ৷ so that’s great!” (Alex L., Quickids Teacher)

Distance learning work quote: I like that the hours are so flexible.  Once you have learned the lessons and features of the program, no preparation is required"

ESL Remote Teaching Job Search

There are multiple agencies that offer these jobs and it may be worthwhile to try them out to find out which ones are the most suitable for your needs. The online English teaching website is full of information for those interested in this type of job, and it is a great place to start.

Note: As of 2022, many companies that work exclusively with Chinese students are not currently hiring new teachers. (This is because of changes made by China to their laws.) Others have dramatically reduced their recruitment but are still accepting applications. It is subject to change at any time.

  • VIPK: In this full-immersed one-on-one program for 4 to 12 year olds in China, teachers use a pre-planned program and do not speak any language other than English. See our full review of the VIPKid teacher experience here.
  • Kids: Like VIPKid, teachers use a predefined curriculum to teach classes to small groups of up to four Chinese students. Quikids handles all administrative matters, including parental communication, so your time is focused on teaching. See our full review about Qkids here.
  • iTalki: This site offers opportunities to teach and learn different languages ​​including English. Professional teachers must provide proof of certification, then set their own rates and syllabus.

Online tutor

Tutoring is a lot like teaching, but in a more personalized setting. If you like to get close to your students and focus on the things you know best, this may be for you. There are plenty of online tutoring sites available, especially for exam preparation. You can also strike from yourself, creating clients that fit your schedule.

Real teacher experience

“I love iTunes! We have a flexible schedule, easy platform and I love my kids and adults.” (Beth A, online tutor)

Teacher Quotes: "I love iTutor!  We have a flexible schedule, easy platform and I love my kids and adults."

Looking for online tutoring jobs

We got a lot of information about tutoring work here. Look at this!


Is there a subject that makes you feel passionate about academic or any other subject? Create your own classroom, design your own curriculum and offer it to outschools! You set your own time and rate (the site charges 30% commission, so factor it out). Teach science to homeschools, offer a book club for teens, share your knowledge of knitting, photography or cooking… endless possibilities.

Real teacher experience

“I absolutely love working through outschool. Not only is it very convenient and adaptable to my life, but I’ve also met some of the most wonderful students and parents I’ve ever met. “(Jessica O., Outschool Teacher)

Teacher's Quote: "I absolutely love working through outschool.  I have met some of the most wonderful students and parents."

Looking for an outschool job

When it comes to outschooling, you can’t find distance learning jobs — you’re creating one for yourself! You need to create a curriculum, talk to yourself and choose the topics that children want to learn. But over time, good teachers can establish themselves on the site and live a very good life!

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Also, don’t miss our Online Resources and Platforms page. You will find all the information you need to make your online remote teaching work a success.

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