The best playlist song of the year

Here we extend the end of the school year, and it’s time to celebrate! So whether you’re looking for the perfect graduation song or just a tune that will capture the exact moment of the end of the year, we’ve got you covered with this year’s end playlist. (Caution: Tears may be involved).

1. No new friends by LSD

2. Something big about Shawn Mendes

Some of Shawn Mendes' big ones: "It's like feeling like you're going to win a medal / and you worked so hard that you knew you wouldn't settle down / hands in the air, hands in the air," Year-end playlist song

3. Count on Mr. Bruno Mars

4. Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez

5. History in one direction

6. Hey look mom, I made it to the disco in panic

7. Who says Selena Gomez

8. Hall of Fame by The Script

9. Compass by Lady Antibelam

10. Eternal Sunshine by Zin Iko

11. Sing by Pentatonix

12. Young Forever J-Z, by fame. Mr. Hudson

13. Try everything by Shakira

14. The future by paramour

Future by paramour: "So just think of your future / think of new life / don't get lost in memory / keep an eye on new rewards," Year-end playlist song

15. Good Old Day by McCallmore, achievement. Hair

16. I am feeling by Black Eyed Piece

17. I live by One Republic

18. Rivers and roads by head and heart

19. Home by Philip Phillips

20. They are counted by OneRepublic

By one republic they count: "Lately, lately I've been losing sleep / Dreaming about the things that can happen to us / Baby, baby I'm praying hard / I said don't count dollars anymore, we will count them, yes we will count them

21. Live It Well by Switchfoot

22. Have It All Jason Mraj

23. My wish by Rascal Flats

24. I hope you dance by LeeAnn Womack

25. On My Way by Phil Collins

26. Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield

27. It’s Our Time by Marty Casey

28. We are fun to be young. And General Mona

We are fun young.  And General Mona: "Tonight / We are young / So let's burn the earth / We are brighter than the sun / Tonight / We are young / So let's burn the earth / We can be brighter than the sun / We can burn," Year-end playlist song

29. Miley Cyrus Climb

30. Time of your life by Green Day

31. The best day of my life by American writers

32. I will remember you by Sarah McLachlan

33. Never say goodbye to Bon Jovi

34. This world is yours, written by Julie Darden

35. See what you’ve done with Drake

See what you did with Drake:"You knew I was going to be something / When you're tense and you need something, I got you / See what you did, what you did"

36. Graham Colton’s Best Days

37. Good Life by OneRepublic

38. Back home by Andy Grammar

39. Sing my chemical romance

40. Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

41. Graduation by Vitamin C (Friends Forever)

42. Longevity by Taylor Swift

43. Top of the world by fantasy dragon

44. Will be seen again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth

Will be seen again by Wiz Khalifa, Kirti.  Charlie Puth: "First you both get out of your way / and the vibration feels strong and what / will turn into a small friendship, a friendship / will become a bond and that bond will never break / will be broken and love will never be lost"

45. Glad you came by The Wanted

46. ​​Happy by Farrell

47. By The Rembrandts I’ll be there for you

48. The season of love by the rental cast

49. Live Like We Are Dying by Chris Allen

50. Born this way by Lady Gaga

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