The best LGBTQ book for kids to read in Pride Month

LGBTQ history is often missing from the school curriculum. This has begun to change as states like California have ordered its inclusion. But no matter where you live and what grade you teach, you can be sure that it is part of your curriculum. This is a great place to start with a list of the best LGBTQ books for kids — both during Pride and throughout the school year.

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1. Rainbow: The First Book of Michael Gainhart’s Pride

LGBTQ book cover for children Rainbow: The first book of pride with pictures of children with rainbow flags

A beautiful choice for young children, this book describes the meaning behind each colorful stripe of the rainbow flag. Did you know that orange stands for healing?

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2. Gail E. This day in Pitman’s June

LGBTQ book covers for kids on this day in June with examples of different people

Instead of a personal parade, This day in June Readers are invited to join a proud celebration and share a day where we are all together. Also, check out the reading guide!

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3. Rainbow Sewing: The Story of Gayle E. Pitman’s Gilbert Baker and the Rainbow Flag

LGBTQ book cover for kids with rainbow flags flying in the sky and rainbow stitching with images of the city's skyline

This is the story of Gilbert Baker, who created the Rainbow Flag, at the height of the gay rights movement in San Francisco in the 1970s.

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4. When you look out the window: Gayle e. How Phyllis Lyon and Dale Martin created a community by Pitman

LGBTQ book cover for kids as you look out the window with a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, a red trolley with a rainbow flag, and two people walking down the street holding hands.

Gayle E. Looking for more LGBTQ books for Pitman’s kids? Here is another gem that introduces children to the famous LGBTQ activist and lesbian couple Phyllis Leon and Del Martin. See Phyllis and Dale transform their communities and fight for change across the country.

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5. Pride: The story of Rob Sanders’ Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag

LGBTQ Book Cover Pride for Kids: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag with Harvey Milk wearing a suit and holding a large rainbow flag

For an introduction to LGBTQ heroes, look no further than this children’s book by Rob Sanders, which speaks of his collaboration with Gilbert Baker to create social activist Harvey Milk’s remarkable and ongoing story and symbol of inclusiveness.

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6. Stonewall: A building. A rebellion. A revolution. By Rob Sanders

LGBTQ Book Cover Stonewall for Kids: A Building.  A rebellion.  A revolution with images of crowds of people waving their fists in the air in the moonlight

Also by author Sanders, this photo book is described by Stonewall Inn, the location of an expedition that would give rise to a revolt that initiated the gay liberation movement in the United States.

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7. Gay Rights Movement by Eric Brown

The cover of the LGBTQ book for children, The Gay Rights Movement, depicts a crowd of people with rainbow flags and Ellen DeGeneres wearing a suit.

With its compelling format, this book is an excellent choice for older elementary students. They will learn about key individuals and events in the fight for equal rights, as well as the challenges that the movement faces to date.

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8. Pride: Celebrating diversity and community by Robin Stevenson

LGBTQ Kids Book Cover Pride: Celebrating Diversity and Community with Pictures of a Unicycle Riding in a Rainbow Suit

However, what is arrogance? Answer this question with this animated book that covers how to be proud and what it means to those who celebrate it.

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9. Queer Heroes: Meet the past and present 53 LGBTQ heroes! By Arabelle Sicardi

The LGBTQ book cover for the little ones includes people from different groups of Queer Heroes and pictures of the rainbow

This beautifully illustrated book highlights the contributions of LGBTQ artists, writers, inventors, athletes and activists পর্যন্ত from Sappho to Freddie Mercury.

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10. Homosexuality and Homosexual History for Kids: A Century-Long Struggle for LGBT Rights by Jerome Pohlen

Gay and lesbian history book cover for children with pictures of social rights activists and a rainbow flag.

Share this book so that your students see the fight for LGBTQ rights as a recent development. They’ll love compelling personal stories, and you’ll love the activities included that help bring history to life.

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11. Stonewall Rites: Gayle E. Pitman is coming down the street

The cover of The Stonewall Riot's book: Images of a diverse group of people coming to the streets with rainbow backgrounds and celebrating in the streets

For upper primary, this is a highly readable chapter book that covers riots, riots and subsequent events.

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12. Our Gay History in Fifty States by Zaylore Stout

Our Gay History Book Cover in Fifty States with Rainbow Colors of the United States

Author Stout went on a cross-country tour to create state-of-the-art accounts of notable people and places in LGBTQ history with the message that LGBTQ history Is History of America. This is an excellent choice for high school.

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13. Troublemaker for Justice: The Story of Baird Rustin, The Man Behind the March on Jacqueline Houtman in Washington

Book cover of Trouble Maker for Justice: The Story of Baird Rustin, The Man Behind the March on Washington by Baird Rustin

A major player in the civil rights movement, Baird Rustin’s contributions are largely absent from history books because he was gay. A great biography for middle school students.

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14. The Book of Pride: LGBTQ Heroes Who Changed the World by Mason Funk

Book cover of The Book of Pride: LGBTQ heroes who changed the world with rainbow stripes in the background

The story of the gay rights movement comes to life through interviews with leaders, activists and the general public who brought it about. Teenagers and tweens will be inspired by this story.

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15. Stonewall: Breaking out of Anne Baussom’s fight for gay rights

<Stonewall's book cover: A black-and-white portrait of protesters protesting for gay rights, with a rainbow over it.

Written specifically for teenagers, the book describes the Stonewall riots and the subsequent gay rights movement. Speaking of a riveting.

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Do you have any LGBTQ books for your favorite kids? Share the comment below.

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