The best cat books for children, as recommended by teachers

Is your kid interested in cats or begging for a kitten of their own? Do they just like stories about kittens and cat friends? This list of cat books for kids includes cat stories as well as baby-centered cat reference books for young readers who are trying to increase their cat’s IQ.

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Photo books about cats for beginner readers

1. They all saw a cat by Brendan Wengele

Cover of Brendon Wenzel's book The All the Cat

This 2017 Caldecott Honor book provides a lesson about the perspectives of others because a cat is seen on every page spread from the perspective of a different animal or human.

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2. Brendan Wengel’s Inside Cat

Brandon Wenzel's Inside Cat book cover with pictures of a cat's head with big eyes and ears as an example of a cat book for kids

The inner cat in this book gives a lesson on how to avoid the common pause “I’m bored” by following a cat while it wanders and observes many details of the place it calls home.

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3. Cat dog by Mem Fox, illustrated by Mark Tigg

The cover of Mem Fox's Cat Dog book, illustrated by Mark Tig with an image of a dog lying on a couch as an example of a cat's book for children.

This call-and-response book offers questions about a cat-and-dog pairing that have been joined by an intruder mouse that seem to be answered uniformly, until the situation becomes apparent.

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4. Hi, cat! Ezra by Jack Keats

Hi, cat book cover!  By Jack Ezra Keats, with the illustration of a young boy staring at a black cat

When a stray cat enters his street show with the kids around, Archie is not satisfied with the naughty cat. But like so many books by Keats, the story of this day in the life of a child (and a cat) makes you feel brighter in the end.

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5. White House cat by Celine Busby, illustrated by Neely Dagget

Celine Busby's White House Cat Book Cover, illustrated by Nili Dagget with a picture of a tabby cat sitting in front of the White House as an example of a cat's book for children.

Willow Biden is not just the White House cat, he is the first White House cat এবং and in this book he gives his own tour of the People’s House.

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6. If you give a cat a cupcake by Laura Newmeref, illustrated by Felicia Bond

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake Book Cover by Laura Newmeref, a black cat pictured by Felicia Bond looks up at the air in lying cupcakes, as an example of a cat book for kids

Newmarf and Bond have collaborated famously If you give a cookie a mouse Considering the funny and silly thing that happens when you give a cat a cupcake and come back.

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7. Eileen Spinelli’s Hero Cat, portrayed by Joe Ellen McAllister The Tribe

The cover of Eileen Spinelli's Hero Cat book, with a close-up of the cat's face, illustrated by Joe Ellen McAllister Stamen

The book marks the tenth anniversary of the real-life drama of a homeless cat who ran into a burning building to save his kittens.

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8. James Dean’s Pet the Cat and Treasure Map

Pitt the Cat and the Treasure Map book cover by James Dean with the example of Pitt the Cat wearing a pirate costume and sailing a boat with a parrot on wheels, as an example of a cat book for kids

The well-known and best-selling Pet the Cat embarked on another adventure as he set out on a journey to find gold and gems.

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Chapters and reference books for independent readers

9. Magic Kitten: A Summer Spell Sue Bentley, portrayed by Angela Swan

Magic Kitten Book Cover: A Summer Spell by Sue Bentley, illustrated by Angela Swann with an orange kitten with a bright blue background

Newly-independent readers with a fondness for cats will be the first to like it in a series where a girl mourns her summer until she meets a very beautiful and special kitten.

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10. National Geographic Kids: Adventure Cat! By Kathleen Weidner Johfeld

Adventure Cats book cover!  Kathleen Johfeld with a picture of a cat on a kayak

The great thing about this early reader is that all the stories are true. Readers meet three real cats in the story of the film with details of their adventures.

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11. Catherine Applegate’s Cranshaw

Catherine Appelgate's Craneshow book cover with a picture of a boy and a monster sitting on a park bench at night

The Craneshow the Cat is fictional in this absolutely real mid-grade novel by Applegate. Jackson’s family is going through a very difficult time and he relies on his real but very important friend Cranshaw to help him through it.

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12. Socks by Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary's Sox book cover with gray and white painted cats on a yellow background

Famous children’s author Beverly Cleary has turned her strange ability to understand human nature into a pet nature understanding in this story of a dotted-on cat that is jealous when a new baby arrives.

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13. National Geographic Kids: Cat Breed Guide by Gary Weitzmann and Stephanie Dreamer

Cover of the Cat Breed Guide by Gary Weitzmann and Stephanie Bremer with pictures of different species of cats

Whether you’re in the market for a pet cat or just like cats, this full-color guide reviews 71 species, each with fun information, as well as spreads dedicated to pop culture cats, prehistoric cats, and more.

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14. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats Angela Rickson

Cover of Angela Rixon's book The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats with pictures of different types of cats

A detailed look at each size, shape and dora of domestic cats, this 256-page volume provides plenty of material for cat owners and cat enthusiasts to enjoy and consider alike.

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15. Funny picture puzzle of the brain: all cats! By Michelle Fillon

Brain Fun Picture Puzzle Book Cover: All Cats!  Including photos of two identical cats wearing a bow tie with red circular contrast by Michelle Fillon

Kitty-centric picture puzzle is more than cute. These visual challenges will entertain young cat lovers on rainy days or long car rides, and they are also good for emotional sharpness!

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16. The Cat Encyclopedia for Kids by Joan Mattern

Cover of Joan Matter's book The Cat Encyclopedia for Kids with pictures of gray and white cats

Compiling a 12-book series of cat books in a 208-page volume, this all-subject-cat reference book covers the origins and characteristics of the species, ranging from both general and rare house-cat care guidelines.

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