The best audiobook for children, recommended by teachers

Sometimes you want to lose yourself in a good book, but other times you want the book to come to you. Although there is some controversy, we think that listening to a book in audio format is considered complete reading and that these choices will appeal to your school-age readers. Suitable for reading aloud in the classroom, long car trips and lazy days at home, these are some of the best audiobooks for kids.

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1. Treasures of Greek mythology, written by Donna Joe Napoli, narrated by Christina Moore

Book Cover: A Treasury of Greek Mythology by Donna Joe Napoli and Narrated by Christina Moore

National Geographic has a legacy of bringing the world to its readers, and in this collection of Greek myths retrieved by award-winning author Donna Joe Napoli, the respected publisher must nurture new fans of Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena and the rest. Of ancient gods and demons. As an audiobook, kids can listen to each installment or swallow all the myths here in one fell swoop.

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2. Ramona Quimbi Audio Collection, written by Beverly Cleary, narrated by Stockard Channing

The book's cover, The Ramona Quimbi Collection, is written by Beverly Cleary and describes Stockard Channing as an example of the best audiobook for kids.

A must read in the infamous Ramona Quimbi of Beverly Cleary, this collection of audiobooks is a must listen. Ramona’s unique outlook and ridiculous antiques make the eight-book series timeless and a great family ride in a long car. Actress Stockard Channing narrates the series with wit and courage.

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3. Small space, written by Catherine Arden, narrated by Renee Dorian

Book cover: 3. Short space written by Katherine Arden, narrated by Renee Dorian

This is a great audiobook for kids to listen to on dark and stormy nights. The story of Arden’s terrifying and exciting ghost centers on three children trapped in the jungle when they encounter not only dark and scary trees but also an army of vigilantes. Add to that the threat of someone known as the Smiling Man, and this audiobook will surely increase the buzz bumps in and out of kids’ arms. Perfect slipover fare.

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4. Marcus Vega cannot speak Spanish, Pablo Cartia wrote and described

The cover of the book, Mario Vega Can't Speak Spanish Written and Described by Pablo Cartia, is an example of the best audiobook for kids.

Feeling too big for his grade and his age, Marcus Vega would like to avoid fights, but he doesn’t think so. When he gets it for the last time, Marcus’ mother takes him to Puerto Rico to change the environment. He can’t resist the chance to find a father he hasn’t seen in a decade. Described by the author, Cartier’s voice (as a writer and as a narrator) will draw listeners (especially boys) to Marcus’ adventures and discoveries.

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5. Matilda, written by Roald Dahl, narrated by Kate Winslet

Book cover: Matilda by Roald Dahl, described by Kate Winslet as an example of the best audiobook for children.

The 2014 Audi Award winner, Roald Dahl’s Matilda Story, is an exceptional young girl whose parents think she will seduce a painful, childish audience. In the voice of acting legend Kate Winslet, Dahl’s characters, from misunderstandings of Matilda to the mischievous headmistress Miss Tronchbull, have come to a glorious life, making it one of the best audiobooks for children.

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6. A Wrinkle in Time, written by Madeleine L’Engel, narrated by Hope Davis

Book cover: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engel, read by Hope Davis

The audiobook version of L’Engle’s sci-fi and fantasy classic has some bonus features, including a role read by film adaptation director Ava DuVernay, a foreword read by the author himself, and an afterword read by L’Engle’s granddaughter, Charlotte Jones. Vicilis. The book is described by actress Hope Davis.

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7. The Hobbit, written by JRR Tolkien, narrated by Rob Inglis

Book cover: 7. JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit, narrated by Rob Inglis, as an example of the best audiobook for kids.

JRR Tolkien’s works may seem daunting in book form, especially for more reluctant readers. But in the form of audiobooks, young readers interested in fantasy can be taken through the exciting and dangerous exploration of Bilbo Baggins and the fight against dragon smog without being overwhelmed by dense prose.

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8. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, narrated by Anne Hathaway

Book cover: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L.A.  Described by Frank Baum, Anne Hathaway

Whether they’re movie fans or not yet familiar with Oz, there’s a lot of love in this audiobook of L. Frank Baum’s timeless story. Described by actress Anne Hathaway, this edition was nominated for a prestigious Audi Award in 2013 and has been ranked as one of the best audiobooks for kids.

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9. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, written and narrated by Judy Bloom

The Tales of a Fourth Grade, written and narrated by Judy Bloom as an example of the best audiobook for children

Author Judy Bloom herself describes one of her most famous works. Peter Hatcher, a fourth-grader, is tired of playing the second flute to make endless (and often hilarious) trouble for his two-year-old brother, Faz. Adults and children alike will love the opportunity to enjoy one-of-a-kind insights from Bloom in childhood.

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10. Uninterrupted: An Olympians’ Journey from Airman to Castway to Captive, by Laura Helenbrand, narrated by Edward Herman

Book cover: Unbroken: An Olympians' Journey from Airman to Castway to Captive by Laura Helenbrand, narrated by Edward Herman

Helenbrand’s special young-adult adaptations Intact Looks like it was made for an audio adaptation. While telling the story of Olympian Louis Zamperini, who became a lieutenant and airman in World War II, the story tells how Zamperini’s plane crashed and how he fought for survival, first as an exile and then as a prisoner. Suitable for exciting listening tweens.

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11. The Last Kids on Earth, written by Max Bralier, described by Robbie Demond

The Last Kids on Earth, written by Max Braille, narrated by Robbie Drymond, is an example of the best audiobook for kids.

Want the excitement of a zombie movie without any gore witness? The audiobook version of Max Brailer’s best-selling series, The Last Kids on Earth, is the perfect fare for a dark day or long car ride. The first book introduces Jack Sullivan and his friends who ride post-apocalypse at his tree house, with the necessary supplies for video games, snacks and zombie-fighting.

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12. Bud, Not Buddy, by Christopher Paul Curtis, described by James Avery

Book cover: Bud, Not Buddy, by James Avery, by Christopher Paul Curtis

Christopher Paul Curtis multi-award winner Budd, not Buddy One of the best audiobooks for kids. The story is equally touching and compelling, and its protagonist, 10-year-old Bud, will win the hearts of readers with his perspective and determination to find his father.

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13. From Zoe Washington’s desk, written by Janae Marks, narrated by Bahni Turpin

Book Cover: From the Desk of Joe Washington, written by Jana Marks

Kids should listen before the film version of this audiobook comes out. (Kerry is adapting Marx’s book from a Washington-based production company.) The title character, Joe, is trying to determine if his parents-who have spent most of his life in prison সত্যি are really innocent, as he claims he is, and balancing his dreams with the television baking challenge.

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14. The Only Black Girls in Town, by Brandi Colbert, described by Janet Ellis

Book cover: The Only Black Girls in Town by Brandi Colbert, Described by Janet Ellis

The mid-grade debut of award-winning author Brandi Colbert is an absolute gem. The audiobook description of this story of two girls, the only two black girls in their small seaside town who went out to solve the mystery behind a box of old journals they found, makes it one of the best audiobooks for kids, especially two-age girlfriends who belong to a book club. Want to get started.

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15. The Last Fallen Star by Gracie Kim, narrated by Suzy Young

Book cover: Gracie Kim's The Last Fallen Star by Suzy Young

All stories published under the Rick Rewardan Presents label are highly suited for audiobook adaptations. Rewordan chooses writers from a variety of backgrounds to transform the myths and legends of many races and ethnicities into modern retailing. In the novel, author Gracie Kim brings Korean mythology to modern-day Los Angeles in the story of an adopted Korean American girl making a perilous quest to save the family of her magical group.

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16. When You Trapped a Tiger, writes Te Keller, narrated by Greta Jung

Book Cover: A Tiger Trap Written by Tae Keller When You Describe Greta Jung

Don’t miss reading this 2021 Newberry Medal winner in audiobook format. Fascinating and magical, this story of a girl who decides to unravel her family history after being visited by a mysterious tiger, is a fantastic adventure story of courage and hope.

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