Teaching Juntinth: Ideas for the Classroom

The fourth day of July is widely known as a holiday dedicated to Independence Day, but many people also celebrate Independence Day – Junetinth. To commemorate the day in 1865, the Juventus held its annual June 19, when a federal order in Galveston, Texas, stated that all of Texas had been previously enslaved. It was an important day in history and for the fight to end American slavery, and it was celebrated throughout the country with cookouts, parades, heartfelt reunions, and more. Below are 17 ideas for teaching Juntinth to children

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Books about Juntinth

Juntinth for Floyd Cooper’s Maggie

Juntinth for the former

Maggie is ready to celebrate freedom, independence and a great day in American history.

Buy it: Juntinth for Maggie on Amazon

2. Now all is different: Juntinth, Angela Johnson’s first day of independence

Now all is different: Juntinth, the first day of independence

Through the eyes of a little girl, Now all is different The story of the first Juventus tells of the day when freedom finally came to the slaves of the South.

Buy It: Now All Different: Juntinth, First Day of Independence on Amazon

3. Juntinth (on my own vacation) by Wounded Mikex Nelson and Drew Nelson

17 Ideas for Teaching Juntinth in the Classroom - WeAreTeachers

June 19, 1865, began as another hot day in Texas. Follow this story of African American slaves because they get the message that slavery is over.

Buy this: Juntinth on Amazon (on my own vacation)

4. The Story of Juntinth: An Interactive History Adventure by Steven Otfinoski

17 Ideas for Teaching Juntinth in the Classroom - WeAreTeachers

This book of your choice tells the story of Juntinth and also provides multiple perspectives on the history surrounding it.

Buy it: Juntinth’s Story: An Interactive History Adventure on Amazon

5. Juneteenth celebration by Sophie and Lelah L. Monique Gonzales

Celebrate Sophie and Lelah Juntinth

Sophie and Lelah are first cousins ​​and best friends. One of them is unfortunately slightly injured in their family reunion. After that, the girls begin the journey of self-discovery. As a result, they learn about Juntinth and discover the importance of family.

Buy it: Sophie and Lelah are celebrating Juntinth on Amazon

6. Juntinth Jamboree by Carol Boston Weatherford

Juventus grapefruit

Follow Cassandra and her family on their way to Texas. It doesn’t feel like home until her family throws a surprise party! A Texas tradition.

Buy it: Juntinth Jamboree on Amazon

Juntinth video

7. What is Juntinth?

Many ask, “What is Junitinth?” Learn about the African American celebration with this cartoon which explores interesting facts about Juntinth and why it is celebrated around the United States.

Check it out: What is Juntinth? On YouTube

8. Celebrate the Juventus

On it Juntinth for kids Not getting along with the episode, Frankie and Bernard. Miss Matry then took them to a lesson on how African Americans celebrated the end of slavery on June 19, also known as the Juntinth.

Check it out: Juntinth Celebration on YouTube

9. Juntinth by PBS Kids

As part of the PBS Kids “All About Holidays” series, this educational video introduces children to Juntinth.

Check it out: PBS Kids’ Juntinth on YouTube

10. The meaning behind Juntinth

For many black Americans, Juventus is an important public holiday in about 50 states. But what is Juntinth? Also, why do so many black Americans refer to this day as “Second Independence Day”?

Check it out: The meaning behind Juntinth on YouTube

11. Why is Juntinth such an important holiday?

Juventus is a holiday you may not know, but in light of recent events in the United States, its history is more relevant than ever.

Check it out: Why is Juntinth such an important holiday? On YouTube

Educational resources for Juntinth

12. Juntinth Teaching

Juntinth’s story acknowledges the difficult history as well as empowers students to advocate for change. These guidelines and learning plans will help teachers feel more prepared to cover this incredibly important chapter in American history.

Learn more: Teaching Juntinth on Learning for Justice

13. Juntinth’s activities in TPT

A great resource for all grade levels, you’ll find resources like word search, scavenger hunts, posters, and more. If you are looking for Juneteenth activities for your classroom then this is a great place to start.

Learn more: Juntinth Activities at TPT

14. Juntinth Lessons on Fairness

Designed for grades 3 through 5, students will explore these essential questions:

  • Which source helps me to know when and how people are being treated unfairly?
  • How is my life easier or more difficult because of who I am and where I was born?

Learn more: Lessons of fairness in learning to judge

15. Juntinth lesson on identity

Aimed at students in grades 3 through 5, you will explore questions such as:

  • How can I describe my group identity and compare it with other people?
  • Words about identity can hurt people?
  • How can I ask people about their lives and experiences in a respectful, kind, and understanding way?

Learn more: Identity Juntinth Lessons on Education for Justice

16. Juntinth: Teaching culture as prevention

Suitable for grades 6 through 8, this learning plan includes the following essential questions:

  • What makes us who we are?
  • How is our identity shaped by today’s society?
  • How does it feel to be humiliated or criticized because of your identity?
  • How do different parts of our identity come together to make us who we are?
  • What is the difference between pride and superiority?

Learn more: Juntinth: Teaching culture as a barrier to education for education

17. Four Ways to Celebrate Juntinth with Students

Over the years, Juntinth, also known as Independence Day, has become a time of family and community-based local celebrations. But many are still looking for ways to establish rituals and traditions that acknowledge one of the most important historical events of our young country’s past. This resource suggests a few ways to bring Juventus to your school.

Learn more: Four Ways to Celebrate Juntinth with Students at Edutopia

Do you have any other ideas for teaching Junteenth? Share the comment below.

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