Teaching Juntinth: Activities for Students

Also known as Independence Day, the Juventus commemorates the day on June 19, 1865, when news of a federal order freed all former slaves – issued about three years before the 1863 release was announced – finally reached Black Americans in Galveston, Texas. This is an important day in American history, and it has gained notoriety in recent years as more and more people learn about its significance. Until June 2021, Juventus is officially the federal holiday of the United States. If you are wondering how this day can be taught and help your students learn more, check out these Juntinth activities and lessons for students of all ages.

Juntinth resource for elementary school students

For elementary school students, use these Juntinth activities to engage young students and teach them about the history of the day.

Juntinth Bundle

Juntinth Bundle at Aquaba Academy
K-2nd grade
Include these worksheets in your Juntinth lesson plan for young students. This bundle contains a reading comprehension passage with simplified information about Juntinth.

Juntinth Joy Activity Pack of Afrocentric Montessori
K-3rd grade
Honor Juntinth with ten activities that will help students learn about this important day in history and build community.

Adherence to social justice

Social justice observance calendar piece by Falicia O’Mard
K-5th grade
Engage students in national and international observations through this Social Justice Observations Calendar Peace Resource. Each observance includes a description and activist action for young students.

Juntinth Flipbook

Jasmine McClean’s Juntinth Flipbook
1st-3rd class
Help your students learn about Juntinth and reflect its importance in U.S. history with this flipbook resource.

Black History Month Juntinth – Distance Education by KinderCollege
PreK-6th grade
This no-prep resource includes reading passages, coloring pages, and more activities to engage students about Juntinth. It also includes an interactive activity to use Easel by TpT.

Juventus Resource for middle and high school students

Middle school and high school students can discover more about this day in history through informative lessons, writing prompts, and discussion questions using these Juntinth activities.

Juventus is a celebration of independence

Juventus – Celebrating Independence with Adventure Themes
4th-9th grade
Written in an e-Zine style, this high-interest informative text will introduce your students to the Juntinth holiday and its significance.

Juntinth presentation

The Little Health Teacher’s Juntinth Black History Presentation
6th-12th class
For middle school and high school students, this presentation introduces Juntinth and how to remember it.

Discover more exciting Resources for Juntinth In TpT.

* This blog was originally published in 2021 and has been updated for 2022.

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