Teachers are sharing what they do to protect their students

In the wake of the devastating shooting at Uvalade, many of us have also struggled to find words to teach us right now.

“I’m very sick of all the jewelry,” wrote one teacher in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook. “I do not want to die at work. I don’t want my students to die. I’m very angry. “

It’s a feeling that many of us feel. And to help the public understand what is at risk in our classrooms every day, some teachers are sharing the horrific lengths they go to make their classrooms safer for their students.

These videos can be hard to watch, so please be careful. But we think they deserve to be shared so that the world knows how much pressure we are putting on teachers and children.

“I keep several cans of wasp spray in my classroom.”

Kindergarten Thoughts

In response to islisamartinsmith, most teachers said it was their case. was #waspspray #schoollockdown #lockdown #lockdown #teachersoftiktok

♬ The original word – Lauren Page

“I bought a bat and a barracuda door lock.”

@ mrsvidal6

Barracuda Door Bar. It was used to stop an intruder from opening my classroom door. It is very easy to use and there are several different types on their website. There is a floor bar, door handle bar or a door hinge lock. #teacher #school #teachersoftiktok #survivefirstgrade #teacherlife #teach #safety #schoolsafety #firstgrade #firstgradeteacher

ল Original word – Kelsey Vidal

“This rubber door stops life behind my door.”

Rubber door stop

Source: Lauren Kastin on Facebook

“My kids think I like tea. But I really put hot water on an intruder. “

Chair Trick We all know …

@ Mistim 11

♬ The original word – Misty Murphy

“I bought a door lock on Amazon for 12.”

April 8_Planu

Search “Portable Door Lock” on Amazon It is now $ 12. Also watch the @kristenkraftsandeats video to see the tool she has for her classroom. #Classroom security #teacher #doors

♬ Original Word – Plain April

“I like natural sunlight but keep the window cover down.”

@ blmwoman2020 irresistible

#teachers #teachersoftiktok #saftey #classroomsafety #staysafe #staysafeeveryone #watchout #report

♬ Original word – Yolanda Champion

“I keep a bulletproof backpack with a tourniquet in my first-class classroom.”

@ mrsvidal6

I keep bulletproof backpacks in my first class classroom. I put it near the easily accessible door. Inside it is a two plate and a vest. #teacher #school #teachersoftiktok #survivefirstgrade #teacherlife #teach #safety #schoolsafety #firstgrade #firstgradeteacher

ল Original word – Kelsey Vidal

“My plan is to hide, fight and run.”


The most important thing to me is the safety of my students! #teachersoftiktok #teachers #teacher

♬ Original word – Andrew Montjingo

The bottom line is that teachers and kids shouldn’t have to figure out how to navigate on their own. We don’t have to save our lives by using our stapler and hockey puck. We need better common sense gun control systems (supported by most Americans) and better mental health care in our schools and our communities. And we need our people to listen to the teachers, because at this time we are tired and broken.

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