Teacher personality that you can see in every faculty meeting

Every week we have to endure this: horrible faculty meetings. When some teachers come to the meeting, what can we say, they are struggling, others are riding in Cloud Nine. Perhaps you have seen the same teacher personality over and over again. Those who are late for coffee or those who are waiting patiently in their seats 10 minutes earlier (besides, much more). There are personalities that you can see in every faculty meeting.

1. Helium hand

Jimmy Fallon is raising his hand with the text "Me!  Me!  I'm curious!  I'll do it!  I want to do it!  Please!"

I know this teacher. Really? I am this teacher. These teachers cannot resist volunteering, and they have a hand in every committee and every initiative of the school. Student council? They are advisors. Sunshine Committee? Vice-President. That’s right, helium hands are kind of offensive, but you’ll be glad you have one because they will do things that the rest of the staff don’t want to do.

2. Bad effects

Dr. in his chair

No matter what you do, do not make eye contact with bad effects. These teachers do everything in a staff meeting that they tell their students not to do in class. They make faces, talk side by side and they are definitely the cause of problems for Zoom’s private chat.

3. Dilapidated teacher

I was sleeping to meet friends

The worn-out teacher has spent long, tiring days teaching, both personally and practically at the same time, and their last thing is an hour of announcements, professional development and new district initiatives. Later this year, we all have this teacher.

4. Annoyed-A-Everything Teacher

Ice Cube annoyed face

This is the teacher who did it before the first period started. This faculty meeting is getting in the way of their favorite event. You can recognize this teacher by the way they roll their eyes and cross their arms. Whenever someone asks you a question you will hear half or puff from them. The meeting ended before The Irritated-A-Everything Teacher started.

5. Timely teacher

The clock indicates the checking time

The timely teacher looks at the agenda carefully so that the meeting is effective. A misguided meeting keeps us all there for a long time. Timely not on the teacher’s watch! Their favorite thing to say is “OK, let’s get back to the real question”. This teacher is not here to waste time.

6. Wallflower

Rapunzel looks shy

This teacher flew under the radar most of the time. You’ve probably asked a coworker, “Is he a new person?” To which they reply, “They’ve been here for five years!” Wallflower stays close to her and rarely speaks at staff meetings. These are a mystery to many but completely innocent.

7. Fashionable late teacher

Santana Lopez is coming to class with coffee and lessons "You're late.  I like to make an entrance."

This is the teacher who forgets there is even a meeting but he understands when they see more than one teacher walking in the same direction. The fashionable late teacher would come to the meeting with coffee (“there was traffic”) or insist that they were waiting to enter the zoom call the whole time.

8. Narcissist

People with red heads with text "People are very interested in what I mean"

These teachers are only interested in things that directly affect them. They will often monopolize the conversation in the meeting, asking questions that only apply to them. The narcissist is the epitome of “it could be an email.”

9. Happy teacher

Viola Davis is smiling

There is a teacher in every faculty meeting who is very happy in the faculty meeting. The happy teacher will remind you during the third period that there is a meeting. This teacher is not always concerned about the timing and the apparent length of the meeting. They are strangely happy to be there.

10. Gossip

Winston Schmidt with his hands over his face

Everyone knows who this teacher is. They somehow know all the secrets of the school. They often show up early and later at staff meetings, make friends with new acquaintances and get scooped up on recent social news. Don’t tell gossip a secret. I say again: do not call gossip a secret. It is Willpower Get out.

11. Paranoid teacher

The woman is giving side-eye

These teachers always think no one is out to get them. Any time the principal brings up the concern, the paranoid teacher thinks the principal is talking about them. Associated with The Gossip, this teacher will never find peace of mind.

12. Fans

Agree meme gesture up

The fan is the teacher who echoes what the admin says in the meeting. Usually your fans are neither the longest- nor the shortest-time teachers. This is the teacher who is right in the middle, five to seven years in the building, probably hoping for an AP to leave so they can move to the vacant position.

13. Control freak

Let me stop you right there meme

Don’t get in the way of this teacher. It will not end well for you. The control freak likes things done in a certain way. They love to organize special events. You may even think they want to help you and get involved, but don’t be fooled. Just do what The Control Freak says and it won’t be a problem.

14. Disruptive

Homer Simpson pushes his head out of the car window and sticks out his tongue

The disruptor is the class clown of the faculty meeting. Cracking jokes to the whole group or just to the people around, this teacher is loved or hated depending on who you ask. The Timely Teacher hates that The Disruptor can prolong meetings. The worn-out teacher often has to sit next to the disruptor to do this through meetings.

15. Slipper

Cameron Diaz sleeps at his desk as a teacher

Slippers are easy to find because this teacher struggles with sleep throughout the meeting. They try to stop it by placing their face on the palm of one hand, pretending to read or looking at the agenda. And working from a distance only encourages sleepers, who can then turn off their cameras.

16. Left

Dude with text "That's right ... your opinion, man"

You might think The Left and The Slipper fall into the same category, but they don’t. Tired of sleeping, barely able to keep their eyes open. The left, on the other hand, just doesn’t care. They can never write anything and hardly know what is happening. Although they are usually charming, most people let them stay.

17. Questioner

Kelly Kapoor with text "Yes, I have many questions"

This teacher runs The Irritated-A-Everything Teacher and The Timely Teacher over the wall! The questioner wants to get all the correct information before leaving. Each time the admin asks, “Do you have any questions?” You can feel the sigh in the room. When the questioner is in your meeting, it will be long.

18. Multitasker

The woman is taking notes on the notepad

A multitasker is a teacher who pretends to write notes but is actually grading or writing a lesson plan for tomorrow. This is made easier by virtual meetings. Oh, they can shake their heads and smile, but I guarantee they have 57 tabs open.

19. Naysayer

If you say there is no card in any meme

This teacher will probably disagree with anyone on any issue. No, they don’t have a different or better idea to bring to the table, they just don’t like you or anyone else. These teachers may be a challenge to your patience, but do not let them discourage you.

20. The true believer

The woman is pointing with the text "You can do it"

A teacher with a truly believing passion. They believe that a teacher can have an effect on students, and despite long days and difficult conversations, they often remind us of it. In the personality of all teachers, do not spoil the souls of believers. We need them more in our lives to remind us again and again why we go to work every day.

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20 teacher personalities that you can see in each faculty meeting

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