Summer crafts for kids, recommended by teachers

Summer is the perfect time for children to run wild. That’s why we’ve compiled 18 of the most beautiful, easy-to-make summer crafts to help kids get started. With easy-to-create, inexpensive materials, your kids will be inspired by beautiful results.

1. Paper plate sun

Yellow paper plates with colored paper shaped like sun rays around the border and yarns and beads in the middle, as an example of summer crafts for children

How happy is this sunny craft? Start with a yellow paper plate, add a ray of construction paper, then make summer crafts for the kids with string yarn and beads in the middle.

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2. Tissue Paper Flower Bracelet

A blue and yellow bracelet made of tissue paper and wooden beads as an example of summer crafts for kids

Cut out circles from colored tissue paper to create a beautiful flower. Then add a pipe cleaner string and wooden beads through the middle. Create a dozen and pass them on to your friends!

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3. Handprint Clay Jewelry Dish

Jewelry holder made from a child's hand cast

More than real, this sweet kipsake made from craft clay will remind you of a moment in time.

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4. Monster change purse

4 coins, rolled from a change purse, folded into a third of the green felt, with a red button nose and white fang made from googly eyes and felt, as an example of summer crafts for kids.

All of this fun craft takes the fold of a strip of green felt in the third part, a button for a nose, some extra felt for features, and a needle and thread.

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5. Glue batik

Printed six small tote bags with brightly colored batik designs as an example of summer crafts for kids

Learn old batik crafts with a twist ব্যবহার use glue instead of wax!

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6. Learn to knit

A piece of cardboard whose strings are lined up vertically and a popsicle stick whose ends are woven into the tops of the strings.

How many of us have spent the whole summer weaving things for our mom and dad (Ghatak, anyone)? This craft teaches kids the basics, from how to make a simple loom to how to make a design.

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7. Rainbow paper spinner

An example of a summer craft for kids is a vortex made of colored paper strips and a stick

Talk about rubbish! Make a whirlwind made of colored strips of construction paper and a small dowel, give it a few turns and watch it fly.

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8. Folding paper garland

A colorful garland of paper squares folded together as an example of summer crafts for kids

Warning: this craft can be addictive! Once you start folding colored pieces of construction paper together to create an interlocking garland, you won’t want to stop.

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9. Stained-glass bunting

Colorful bunting from triangular cut wax paper with crayon shaving as an example of summer crafts for kids

This craft requires a warm iron, so make sure an adult is nearby. This beautiful “stained glass” bunting is actually cut into triangles with wax paper, pressed into molten crayon shavings.

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10. Bow-tie noodle butterfly

A colorful drawing with bow tie pasta painted in bright colors and arranged like butterflies on paper

No summer would be complete without a little pasta industry. In this case, the pasta is painted in bright colors, then glued on paper to create this strange scene.

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11. Salt dough starfish

White clay starfish strung together along a fence

All you need to make this gorgeous craft is salt flour, a toothpick and lots of patience! After all, it costs money to make.

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12. Pet Cactus Rocks

Small earthenware pots with green colored stones that look like cactus trees and googly eyes glued to each tree

These adorable little succulents really only nest in small earthenware pots, attached to the googly eye with the painted stone. Create your own colony that will make you smile whenever you see them.

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13. Sand Art Bottle

Inside are six thin glass bottles filled with colored sand

Another throwback craft, the layered sand industry is making a comeback. This version uses food coloring or liquid water coloring to color the sand. Then, in a transparent glass bottle, different colors are poured in layers, creating a dreamlike effect.

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14. Bin Mosaic

Glue six paper plates with bean mosaic designs on each

Beans, Beans Magical Fruit… Who knew they could create such a beautiful design? It only takes a few cheap varieties of dried beans, a little craft color and some glue to make these gorgeous ornaments.

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15. Bottle cap bug

Colorful bugs made from bottle caps sitting on driftwood pieces

Toddlers talk about bugs, and what better time than summer to create something of their own?

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16. Non-sewing duct tape zipper pouch

Two zipper pouches, with a bright polka dot and a gold and white striped, made of duct tape

This cute craft makes colorful pouches using ziplock bags wrapped in duct tape that kids can use for pencils, hair bands, coins and much more.

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17. Egg carton baby tortoise

Small tortoises made from a portion of an egg carton are painted green, with green construction paper flippers and googly eyes on its face.

This summer’s crafts for kids are made from recycled egg cartons, paint, construction paper and googly eyes. Irresistible baby turtles will inspire for hours of creative play.

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18. Craft-stick flower pots

Flower pots made of colorful craft sticks as an example of summer crafts for children Glue around a tin can, with colorful flowers inside

Who knew a tin can and some colorful craft sticks would make such an adorable flower pot? Plant a colorful tree inside and it is a great gift for friends, family and neighbors.

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