Senior graduate gift teachers can buy or DIY

Graduation school coincides with some of the busiest moments of the year. Standardized testing, year-end activities, finals, and more can interfere with your intentional plans to create a meaningful transmission. Of course our best wishes are always the best gift we can give to the graduating seniors. However, if you want to celebrate their achievement with a real gift, here are some thoughtful senior graduation gifts from teachers that you can buy or DIY within a reasonable time.

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1. Your best advice

A Words of Wisdom printable card teachers can personalize for their undergraduate seniors.

Your students are graduating, but that doesn’t mean they have to stop learning from you. We like this graduate-counselor printable with space to share your counsel. It has writing prompts such as “Always remember” and “Hope you learn.” You can customize each of these graduation gifts from teachers to high school seniors, so that every student feels really special.

Buy it: Words of Wisdom printable card at Etsy

2. Motivational key chain

The best graduation gifts for seniors are meaningful and fulfill a purpose. Many of our seniors are leaving home for the first time. You can buy these key chains with inspirational quotes, and your alumni can easily relax without being locked out of their dorm room!

Buy it: Inspirational Key Chain with Inspirational Quotes on Amazon

3. Personal notes

Card with "Class dismissed" In front teachers can write personal graduation notes to high school seniors.

It sounds simple, but a personal note means a lot. We like this class dismissal stationery, and your students will only appreciate a note for them.

Buy it: Teacher Stationery / Class Dismissals at Etsy

4. Memorable photo booth experience

Two students wearing caps and gowns and holding photo booth props as examples of graduation gifts for high school seniors from teachers

Set up a photo booth in your classroom for a memorable and inexpensive graduation gift for high school seniors. Just hang a backdrop, give props, and let the students have fun taking photos of the celebration with you and their classmates. For the most budget-friendly option, students can take digital pictures on their phones. However, if you want to splurge, use a Polaroid camera to give them a physical souvenir.

Buy it: Amazon Graduation Photo Booth Props; Graduation Photo Booth Backdrop on Amazon; Amazon Polaroid Instant Camera; Polaroid Instant Film on Amazon

5. Sweet Survival Kit

Congratulations grad!  Your Survival Kit for Life Tag for Senior Graduation Candy Themed Gifts

Your seniors will love to eat dessert in the late night study session at the library or on a movie night with friends. Candy will take on a whole new meaning when you buy this printable. Each candy comes with advice, which will make these graduation gifts from teachers to high school seniors not only delicious but especially special.

Buy it: The Graduate Survival Kit tag at Etsy

6. Wearable Kipsack Desire Bracelet

A set of personalized bracelets for teachers to give to seniors for graduation.

This gift feels really special. Choose a bead color that is the color of your school to help your seniors remember their high school days. Write a personal message to the graduating seniors where you will tell your seniors how proud and excited you are for their future.

Buy this: Personalized End-of-School Class Wish Bracelet at Etsy

7. Journals tell their stories

A set of happily brown paper journals as examples of graduation gifts for high school seniors from teachers

With a little research, you can find small journals that are very affordable. While journals and pens give themselves beautiful senior graduation gifts at this crucial time, you can make them more personal by writing a message to each student on the inside cover.

Buy this: Craft Paper Notebook Happy Journal on Amazon

8. Bottles of water with their college stickers

An Assortment of College Stickers for Gifts to Graduate Seniors as an Example of Graduation Gifts for High School Seniors from Teacher

This is a gift for seniors that they must use. Buy plastic water bottles with plenty of straw. Then, customize each bottle with a sticker that celebrates each student. We like this college sticker you can buy at Etsy. You can also find stickers that celebrate students’ interests and hobbies.

Buy it: Custom Waterproof College / University Sticker at Etsy; Tumblr cups with lids and reusable straw at Amazon

9. Plant the seeds to mark the moment

Four packs of sunflower and a forgotten-me-not seed with a personal message for graduating seniors from a teacher.

Graduation is a significant milestone that deserves to be celebrated. We love this personalized teacher-to-student seed packet. You pick your flowers and compose a personal message for your students, which makes these graduation gifts really feel special for high school seniors from teachers.

Buy it: Don’t Forget Me at Sunflower / Etsy Seeds

10. Flash drive with class photo or graduation frame

A photo frame for high school graduates.

This is the perfect way to share with your graduating seniors all the memories you’ve had over the past year. You can buy bulk flash drives and even film a short video message to introduce the photos. More ideas? Create a personalized video for your students. For some inspiration, check out Susan Demos, a 12th grade teacher in Oklahoma City who created personalized videos for students (she even wore a cap and gown!). If you want to print a picture, we like this affordable graduation photo frame from Dollar Tree.

Buy it: Amazon 20 Pack 1GB Flash Drive; Bulk graduation frame at Dollar Tree

11. College Survival Kits

A "College Survival Kit" It includes a hand sanitizer, a stain stick, candy and other gifts for graduate seniors.

It takes a little more work, but your students will appreciate your thinking. Plus, it’s practical! The transition from high school to the “real world” can be quite frustrating. Make the change easier by purchasing the essentials like Stain Stick, Hand Sanitizer, Lip Balm, Peppermint, Band-Aids and more.

Buy it: Amazon hand sanitizer; Tidal pens on Amazon; Bulk Leap Left on Amazon; Bulk Tick Tack Mints on Amazon; Bulk band-aid travel pack on Amazon

12. Sweet celebration treat box

A graduation cap treat box filled with a variety of candies on a table next to a small tree, as an example of a senior graduation gift

These are quick and easy senior graduation gifts that can show your students that you care. Just buy this adorable mini cardboard graduation cap (with tassel!) That folds into the treat box. Fill them with candy, and let the sweet celebration begin.

Buy it: Amazon Graduation Cap Treat Box; Bulk Assorted Candy Mix on Amazon

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