Reddit teachers are sharing the warmth of their education and… Wow!

Recently on Reddit, a user asked teachers about their exciting adoption of teaching. If you are lagging behind in your lingo because of the epidemic, the issues of heat are the opinions, questions and observations that people do not always share widely due to their controversial and often irritating nature. It turns out that academics had a lot to say.

From predictable problems of working conditions to less predictable aspects of khakis, no stone was left unturned. Teachers across the country — and in some cases, around the world ছেন have matched their piping-hot commentary. We are much more here for this.

See some of the top responses.

“There’s been too much focus on hiring new teachers, not enough to keep them there.”

“The reason for the shortage of teachers is that teachers initially leave within their first 3-5 years, not the lack of new people entering the profession. For example, my former district has just increased the salary of a new teacher by 60k, but a teacher with 25 years of experience will earn roughly $ 75k if he enters the district. Make it meaningful. “

“In related notes, teacher turnover should be a major factor in school evaluation by state / district. If one-third of your employees resign each year, it’s a bright red flag that someone needs to step on and make meaningful changes. “- EasyTrust 786

“My excitement is that the situation in which teachers have to work will never improve unless enough teachers strike and demand a change in the situation.”

“I know it’s really hard, maybe impossible, to do though. But no one can dream! I hope the number of teachers leaving this year will have some effect. ” – Rabbit_and_moon

“Good adoption: We are in no way prepared or equipped to teach in the 21st century.”

“Reason: Both our funding and the amount and funding of ‘professional’ / vocational training should have matched the massive growth of technology. Today teachers are using methods developed 50-70 years ago.

“PowerPoint, electronic whiteboards, etc. are great tools but we have a lot of information on how to solve learning in order to make learning styles effective and yet our funding has been reduced, our technology bank, our degrees do not focus on new realities of our environment, And our students suffer from being jammed in 30 classrooms at once. ” Intelligence is optional

“You don’t have to wear khaki to be a good teacher.”

“I wore jeans every day of the year and my kids had great scores on exams.” —Kanjila 9009

“The administrator should come with a job limit.”

“It’s very hard to remember what it was like in the classroom for 5 years or so. Put them back in a classroom (at the salary of a classroom teacher) for at least a year before they apply to become administrators again. Many of the best principals I’ve worked with are first-year principals. ” – Who is the teacher?

“New administrators should never evaluate teachers.”

“Teachers have no idea what constitutes reasonable expectations. As an experienced teacher, some of the stupidest or most heinous recommendations have just come from administrators. “- Nothing

“Education is certainly a skill that can be learned, but it also exists It is Factor. “

“You can train someone to be a better teacher or a better presenter of information, but not everyone is a teacher.” Activate_Procrastina

“Politics and armchair quarterback parents have ruined the profession.”

– Coskibum 002

“Teachers are held in low esteem because it is a traditionally women-dominated field, and it will never receive full respect or compensation for it because of the realization that we all have husbands and wives who earn a lot of money to support us in our altruism. “

-Black Widow 1414

“The best part is staying with the students in the classroom. Everything else depends on space, time and administration. “


Really true. Principals in particular can have a huge impact on their teachers ’experience, and kids are always, always the best part.

(Sometimes except when they are not.)

We’d love to hear your hot take on education! Which of the following do you find to be true about education but often hesitate to reveal? Comment and share your thoughts.

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