Project to create five virtual tours for students

Google’s old VR Tour Creator offers a great way to create virtual tours that can be viewed in your web browser and / or the Google Expeditions app. Unfortunately, Google shut down both of those programs last year. Fortunately, there is an alternative available in the form of Expeditions Pro which I reviewed a few weeks ago. The basis of the tour in Expeditions Pro is 360 images. To start creating a tour you need to capture your own 360 images or find something online in the Creative Commons-licensed or public domain.

Expeditions Pro lets you add 360 images and audio to each scene and point of interest on your tour. The audio needs to be recorded outside of Expeditions Pro and then uploaded to a scene or place of interest. Any MP3 file will work on your tour. and are a few simple tools for creating an audio recording.

Complete tours can be shared publicly or privately. Your tours can be viewed in your web browser and in the Expeditions Pro app. The advantage of using it in the Expeditions Pro app is that you can guide your class or you can allow students to guide the class through tours.

5 VR making projects for students

  • Virtual reality tours based on students’ favorite books. (In a similar note, VR to illustrate the stories written by the students.)
  • VR tour of places where students study geography / history lessons.
  • VR tours to illustrate the mathematical and scientific examples used in the design and construction of landmarks.
  • VR tour to illustrate examples of landforms, rocks, waterways and bodies of water.
  • VR tour to illustrate the natural habitat and range of an animal.

Expedition Pro Tutorial

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