Looks like a promising new approach to focus online instruction

Focusable is a new service from the same people that brought us Swivl and Synth Focusable is currently in a private beta (public beta will launch in August) so not much information is available about it. That said, what I’ve seen so far looks like a promising new approach to online instruction.

The idea of ​​focusable is to help students focus on completing a learning activity (or series of activities). This is done through something that refers to a flowable focus. Flows include a task, a timer, a reflection tool, and breathing (focus) exercises designed to help students complete a learning activity. It seems different than just telling students to “set a timer and work for X minutes” because the flow uses a very small timer followed by a reflection and a breathing exercise aimed at streamlining the students’ scheduled learning activity.

You can sign up for Focusable Beta Access on their homepage. Here you can watch a short demo video of the focusable concept. You may want to read their announcement which introduces their article about Focusable Ideas and Best Learning Experience.

I signed up for Focusable Early Beta Access because I’m interested to see how well their method works. This can be a great way to provide personalized online guidance if it works as they promised.

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