July 4 best activities and crafts for children

Independence Day is almost here, and kids often want to be creative with their celebrations. This year, teach them about diversity, science, math and art at the same time as well as give them a way to stay busy! Here is a list of fun and educational activities for children on July 4th.

1. Make fireworks in a jar

The water-filled mason's jar is dripping with food.

All you need to watch these fireworks fly is a jar, water, oil and food coloring.

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2. Read a book

Multiple book covers - Fourth July activities

The story of America deals with immigration and refugees. Teach your kids about the refugee experience with one of these amazing books or one of these photo books so kids can learn more about the 4th of July.

3. Watch a July 4 science video

Spangler Science TV shows the science behind making patriotic smoke rings and tests a Mentos and Diet Coke patriotic geyser you’ve never seen before.

4. Make star-spangled art

Star shaped stamp on colored paper.

Black construction paper and chalk pastel make bright stars for decorating any wall or window.

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5. Conduct a baking soda science test

Baking soda in the science of cookie cutting

Break the cookie-cutter sizes on July 4th for a little baking soda science! All you need is some baking soda, vinegar, food coloring and eyedropper.

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6. Create a flag mosaic

Flag Mosaic Collage - Fourth of July activities

Collect scraps of paper in red, white and blue and make this stunning flag mosaic for your kids. It’s perfect to get rid of that scrap bin!

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7. Sign your own declaration

Letter of Promise of Independence.

July 4th celebrates the courage and vision of those who signed the Declaration of Independence, including two future presidents (John Adams and Thomas Jefferson). Do the same with this craft idea! But make sure to teach about presidents in a socially conscious way.

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8. Create twig stars

Colorful stars made of stalks - the fourth activity of July

Get those fine motor skills working with cutting, painting, gluing and tying!

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9. Teach diversity

Colored handprints on black paper.

Our country is full of diverse people. Celebrate the 4th of July by learning more about other people and cultures. To get started, check out some of our ideas for teaching women history, black history, American Indian heritage, and Hispanic heritage.

10. Create a soft circuit

Red white and blue soft circuit

This adorable monster lights red, white and blue for the 4th of July! All you need to make this wearable textile is a needle, some conductive threads and a few electronic parts.

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11. Play a counting game

Play on paper.

Kids won’t even know they’re working on their math skills because they’re counting objects on this 4th of July!

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12. Create a flag

Flag in the form of a letter "F"

Work on pattern and letter recognition when creating an image of the American flag in the shape of an F!

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13. Conduct a water flag science experiment

Create an American flag using water science

This art project involves capillary action to create red ribbons and an experiment with oil and water to create a blue background with stars and then it is combined into a beautiful watercolor flag!

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14. Write a patriotic poem

The patriotic poem says: joy, uniqueness, freedom, freedom, affection.

This simple activity makes kids think of patriotic adjectives to describe themselves!

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15. Salt-draw some fireworks

Fireworks made with salt paint - the fourth activity of July

There are many ways to make fireworks. This one uses salt paint and glue!

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16. Dye flowers

The flowers are blue and red dead.

One of our favorite 4th of July activities, it doubled as a science experiment!

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17. Make a fireworks stamp

Firework stamp on black paper.

You can really use something as a stamp. Even an empty toilet paper roll!

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18. Spread the color with milk fireworks

Magic Milk Fireworks for July 4 Activities for Kids

With just a few simple ingredients, babies can turn ordinary milk into a burst of red, white and blue fireworks! All you need is a star cookie cutter, milk, food coloring and liquid dish soap.

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19. Put together a map puzzle

Map Puzzle - Fourth of July activities

This adorable puzzle teaches the US map And Number sequencing! Just download, print and cut at the link below.

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20. Create a sensitive bin

Fourth July Sensitive BIN.

We love sensitive bins and this is one of the 4th of July activities that will last for hours… even a few days!

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21. Pour a sensitive bottle

Fourth July Sensitive bottle.

Not in the sensitive bin? What about a sensitive bottle? It also teaches the concentration of different fluids. Plus it’s beautiful to look at!

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22. Collect patriotic ice

Patriotic summer science melts the ice.

And then melt again! This melting ice keeps the kids cool and keeps them busy for hours on end.

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23. Build patriotic stem structures

The structure of the Independence Day building.  Red, white and blue.

Find out who can build the tallest structure with straw, flour and tape!

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What are your favorite July 4th activities? Share the comment below.

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