How to work while going to school

Last month I started watching a new crash course series called How to College. The series is a great one for those first-generation college students and those who have no one to consult on issues such as paying for college and making a major pick. Latest video How college The title of the series is How to Work in College.

Seeing how to work in college takes me back to the days of loading RPS (now known as FedEx Ground) trucks at night and early in the morning to pay for my college education. I was lucky to get an extra 50 cents per hour in a tuition reimbursement fund that I used to pay for my textbooks per semester (these were much cheaper 20 years ago). It works well to explain in the video how the networking opportunities that can come out as a result of the little benefits and working in college.

How to work in college does a good job of trying to help visitors understand the importance of scheduling their time and provides some tips to block distractions when it comes to focusing on school work.

For more information on how to pay for college outside of a part-time job, students need to see how to pay for a crash course college.

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