How to use Google Maps and Street View in the Canvas presentation

This blog post and video is the result of my failure to get another service, which will not be named, to do what I expected. I was trying to come up with a way to create an online, interactive atlas for students. After staring at my keyboard for a while, I finally said to myself, “Hey, see if you can do this on canvas?” So I did and it works!

In this new video I show you how to embed Google Maps and Google Street View images in Canvas Design. There are several notable issues in this regard. First, you can interact directly with maps and street scene images inside your canvas design. Second, you can publish and share your design as a website where others can interact with maps and street scene images. Third, the method I demonstrated in the video works with any canvas design template.

Application for education

Embedding Google Maps and Street View images in a presentation can be a great way to create an online atlas for students. A good way for you as a teacher is to have a set of maps and diagrams ready while teaching the lesson. Instead of searching on Google Maps in front of the classroom, you can find the exact map views you want to share ready to go on a set of slides.

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