How to record screencasts on Chromebooks without extensions

A few days ago Google announced some new Chromebook features for teachers and students. One of these features is a new screencast recording tool built into the latest version of Chrome OS.

The new Screencast recording tool built into the Chromebook OS eliminates the need to use third-party extensions like ScreencastFi or Loom to record a screencast video on your Chromebook. You can record all your screen or some part of your screen If you want to include your webcam in the screencast, you can do so with the latest version of Chrome OS with the built-in recorder. The recorder has some handy tools for drawing on your screen while recording. You can

When you create a screencast using the built-in recorder on your Chromebook, the recording is automatically saved in your Google Drive account. Once the recording is saved, you can share it as you would any other file in your Google Drive account.

Auto Copy! Perhaps the best feature of the new Screencast Recorder in Chrome OS is that it automatically generates a written copy of your video. You can edit the transcript if you find something wrong with it.

Watch my new video to learn how you can record screencasts on your Chromebook without using any third party extensions.

Important! Update your Chromebook to the latest version of Chrome OS to access the new screencasting tool to record screencasts on your Chromebook.

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