How to record a video lesson in PowerPoint

A few years ago I published a video about creating a video using a recording tool built into PowerPoint. Since then Microsoft has added more features to the recording tools in PowerPoint. So last week I recorded a new tutorial on how to record video lessons in PowerPoint.

In this short video I have shown you how to record yourself while drawing on your PowerPoint slide. The best feature of the recording tool is the teleprompter mode which lets you view your speaker notes displayed at the top of your slide while recording. The final video does not display speaker notes so your viewers will not know that you are reading your notes.

Watch my new video to learn how to record video lessons in the desktop (Windows) version of PowerPoint.

Application for education

If you have been teaching for some time, you probably have some slideshows that you have created and really like. With the built-in recorder, you can quickly turn those slideshows into short video lessons.

If you like the idea of ​​converting your PowerPoint slides into videos, but you don’t want to appear on camera, you might be tempted to try hell that turns your PowerPoint slides into videos that are meant for you.

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