How to embed full page content on Google Sites

The design options on Google Sites have come a long way in the last decade. Google sites had a lot of functionality in the early days, but very little in terms of design options. Today, not only are there many themes and templates, there are many ways to customize the layout of each page in a website created with Google Sites. Embedding full page content is a design option recently added to Google Sites.

In this short video I have shown you how to embed full page content in Google Sites. This is a great option for displaying Google Docs, slides and videos on a page without showing footer or banner headers. Watch the video to see what it looks like.

Application for education

Even if you use Google Classroom and give parents access, a good argument can be made for using Google Sites. By creating a classroom website with Google Sites you can find a place where parents can quickly and easily find information such as lunch menus, calendars, course information and to-do lists. Having a classroom website is also a great way to share highlights of what’s happening in your classroom. For example, you can display an image carousel on Google Sites to display student project images or school year highlights.

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