Graduation Gifts for Students: Unique and Thoughtful Ideas

Graduation is almost here, and it’s time to think about what to get graduation in your life! Of course, high school teachers can’t be the hook for gifts for all their students – which will add up very quickly! But there are times when you may want to give students a special token, or you may have a graduate in your own family to celebrate. We have collected some cheap DIY projects here as well as our favorite graduation books for students. And below, find our favorite 2022 graduation gifts for students at different price points.

1. Custom graduated mugs

Custom Graduation Mugs - The Best Graduation Gift for Students

The 2021-2022 school year was certainly one for the record books! Why not remember it with this epidemic coffee mug?

Buy it: Custom mugs at Etsy

2. Personalized water bottle

Custom water bottles

The perfect gift for summer and beyond. These custom bottles are perfect for matching colors with your high school or future college!

Buy it: Custom water bottles at Etsy

3. Vintage College Pennant

Custom Pennant Flag

Choose from a variety of fun vintage pennants for dozens of colleges and universities.

Buy it: Pennant at Etsy

4. Custom video montage

Instructions for creating a tribute video montage

What a thoughtful way to say goodbye to your students! You can assemble your own video montage, or use a service like Tribute. Their easy-to-use tools let you do it yourself or you can pay a little more and have a professional put together something spectacular.

Buy it: Tribute Video Montage

5. LovePop Graduation Card

Pop Up Graduation Cards - The Best Graduation Gift For Students

Need a unique card that makes a great kipsack? These graduation cards are stunning! A pull-out insert provides a space for a private message

Buy it: Goodbye and good luck cards at LovePop

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6. Pushpin travel map

Framed map of the world with push pins inserted in different places

Heading off your student world tour? This personalized pushpin map lets them track their travels with pushpins.

Buy it: Push Pin Travel Maps

7. Srutimdhur membership

Give an audiobook collage with the title

Does your student love to listen to audiobooks? Even in the midst of summer downtime and possibly autumn, the melodic gift membership gives a great graduation gift. These are available from one month to one year, so there are options for all price ranges

Buy It: Audio Gift Subscriptions on Amazon

8. Kindle Paperwhite or Fire

Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire

Amazon’s e-readers and tablets are perfect for tech-savvy students on the go If your student already has one, consider a Kindle Unlimited membership.

Buy it: Kindle Paperwhite and Fire HD8 Tablet on Amazon

9. Photo saving

Heart photo collage on cork board - the best graduation gift for students

Do your students like to put pictures on their desks or on all the walls? Why not make them a custom photo kipsack that they can take with them !?

Buy this: Photo Heart at Minted

10. Custom Planner

Custom Planner - The best graduation gift for students

Which student does not have to keep track of their schedule and assignments? This personalized custom planner is perfect for fall. You can even get a custom journal!

Buy it: Planner at Minted

11. Class ring

Custom square rings

These custom class rings let you choose ring colors, gemstones, text engraving and much more. Your student will wear it and save it for years to come!

Buy it: Class Ring at Etsy

12. Weighted blanket

Gray weight blankets - the best graduation gift for students

When it comes to relaxation, weighted blankets are perfect for keeping your student calm and warm. This twin-sized blanket works well with dorm beds!

Buy this: Weighted blankets on Amazon

13. Neat machine

Teal Keurig single serving

If your student day begins (and ends) with coffee, then this single-serving curry is small and versatile. Perfect for dorm rooms or apartments. Also, comes in multiple colors.

Buy it: Keurig on Amazon

14. Instant camera

Fujimax Instant Camera

There’s retro! This instant camera is one of our best undergraduate gifts for students and is perfect for capturing post-graduate memories. Available in multiple colors, and you can buy extra ink and film.

Buy this: Camera on Amazon

15. New laptop

Chromebook - The best graduation gift for students

Is it time to upgrade your student’s laptop? Consider this Acer Chromebook laptop and accessories package. Less than $ 300, that’s a great deal!

Buy this: Chromebook on Amazon

16. iPad and Apple Pen

Apple iPad mini

Many students tend to use iPads and pens instead of taking notes on paper. It’s a great way to organize and transform homework and notes digitally.

Buy it: Apple iPad

17. Apple Watch

Apple Watch - The Best Graduation Gift For Students

Help your student stay organized and healthy through Apple Watch.

Buy it: Apple Watch on Apple

18. Airpods

Apple AirPods

Whether they need to eliminate noise around them to focus or listen to virtual classes, airpods are a must for most students today!

Buy it: AirPods at Amazon

19. Jane Board

Jane Doodle Pad

Really want something real? Check out this Zen board for drawing momentary designs. It’s just like an H-A-sketch to create beautiful designs with water and the included brush. Perfect for doodling and stress relief.

Buy it: Jane Board on Amazon

20. Care Package Subscription Box

Snacksack subscription box with individual wrap and sweets wrapped in a yellow background, as an example of a graduation gift for students

The subscription box is a graduation gift for students that they continue to give throughout their first year of college. Check out Cratejoy for plenty of options to match their interests. Every time a new box is delivered to their dorm room they will know how much you care.

Buy it: Snacks Classic and Therabox Self Care Box Kretjoy

21. Streaming device

Showing Pupple Roku Express 4K + box streaming device and remote

Is there a grad in your life that likes to watch movies and TV shows? A new Roku is the perfect gift if they leave the family streaming devices when they go out on their own.

Buy it: Roku Express 4K + on Amazon

22. Luggage set

Navy Three Piece Samsonite Luggage Set

Most new grades have a lot to offer in the future, such as going to college, going on spring vacation, and studying abroad. A new set of luggage is a practical gift that will be used for many years to come.

Buy this: Amazon Luggage Set

23. Gift card

Amazon Gift Cards - The Best Graduation Gift for Students

Not sure how to get them? All students love a gift card! Amazon makes it easy for them to buy what they need when they need it.

Buy it: Gift Cards on Amazon

Any ideas for graduation gifts for students? Share the comments below!

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