Fun science lessons for students and parents this summer

Today is the first day of June and although I woke up this morning it was only 44F, I think summer is going on. I’m sure many of you, as well as your students and their parents, remember it. If you have students whose parents are asking for something to keep their kids engaged in learning this summer, Discovery Education and 3M have you covered.

Discovery Education and 3M Young Scientist Lab host where you will find science experiments that students can accomplish at home with the help of their parents (older students may be able to do on their own). The Young Scientist Lab has a section for students. That section contains fourteen videos that provide instruction in a set of ten online simulation activities as well as science experiments.

The main section of the Young Scientist Lab contains nineteen PDFs that provide instruction on science activities at home for K-8 students. This collection is divided into five activities for grades K-2, six activities for grades 3-5, and eight activities for grades 6-8. Five online simulations are also available in the main section of Young Scientist Lab.

Application for education

Home activities featured in Young Scientist Lab are exactly the kind of thing I would include in a letter, email or classroom blog post for parents who want ideas for ways to keep their kids interested in learning over the summer holidays. In fact, I plan to try kitchen chemistry activities (link opens a PDF) with my girls when they have school holidays later this month.

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