Free technology for teachers: Type Studio 2.0

Type Studio was one of my favorite new tools last year. What I liked about it was that it adopted a completely new method for video editing. Instead of clicking and dragging on a timeline to cut or trim a video, you simply edit the words in the automatically generated transcript of your video and the video is trimmed for you. That great feature is present in the recently launched Type Studio 2.0. Type Studio 2.0 offers several new features for creating and editing videos in your web browser.

In the first version of Type Studio you need to upload videos for editing The new version of Type Studio has the option of recording with your webcam, recording a screencast, and recording only audio input. If you just want to record audio input, Type Studio will create a video for you that will show the text of your spoken word (see my sample as embedded here or below). Significantly, Type Studio 2.0 automatically removes “umms,” “ahhs,” and other filler words from your pronounced audio. It does a nice job of inserting punctuation right into the automatically generated transcripts.

Another big improvement for Type Studio in version 2.0 is the ability to combine clips and split clips. Previously, you could only upload and edit a video. Now you can upload multiple video clips and combine them into one new project

Application for education

As I wrote last year, Type Studio is a great tool for quickly and accurately editing things like recording video lessons and zoom-guided lessons. Deleting a few words and removing that section from my video is much quicker and easier than going back to WeVideo or iMovie and trying to find the right moments in the timeline to cut my video.

The latest version of Type Studio that supports audio recording and editing can be a great tool for creating short podcasts or short audio lessons.

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