Free technology for teachers: The best of 2022 so far

I’m taking the rest of the week off. As I leave I will republish some of the most popular posts of the year so far.

There is no shortage of typing games available on the web (find 700 of these here). Most of these games are based on rotation exercises and patterns. That’s why I was curious when Support real teachers The Twitter account tagged me in a post about a new typing practice site that wasn’t just a large collection of animated games. The name of that site is

At you can develop your typing skills while reading classic literature. The way it works is that you pick a classic work in the library of the typewriter and then start typing the text you see on the screen. TypeLit gives you feedback on the accuracy and speed of your typing.

As you can see in my demo video, TypeLit lets you pick a chapter from a book to type or you can type the whole thing. You can use TypeLit without an account. But if you create an account, you can save and resume your progress.

Application for education is not going to replace the “traditional” typing command. That said, it could be a place for middle school and high school students to practice their typing skills while reading some classic literature.

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