Free technology for teachers: SplashLearn

When an email about SplashLearn Splash arrived in my inbox last week, I didn’t think much of it because I get dozens of pitches every morning and at first glance I thought it was another rotation practice app. Turns out I was wrong about this is just a rotation practice app.

At its core, SplashLearn is a service that provides a free and ad-free environment where students can practice their math and ELA skills. Students can use it in the web browser on their computer or use the free SplashLearn mobile app.

The only way students can access splashler games and other activities is through your free classroom account. As a teacher you sign up for SplashLearn then create an account for them. Creating an account for your students is quick and easy. You can manually enter names (or initials only), import a spreadsheet of names, or import a Google Classroom Roster. Students are given little avatars to represent themselves. Students then go to the link you provided, access the splashlorn, and then tap on their avatars and follow the image that presents the class password. (See my screenshot below for details). Alternatively, students can open SplashLearn then select “Student” and write the class code.

You may have guessed by now, because as your students access SplashLearn through the classroom account you created, you’ll see their progress on your teacher’s dashboard. It is in your Teacher Dashboard that you can find standardized math and ELA activities to assign to your students. To find activities to assign to your students you simply select Math or ELA then select the grade level after the standard for which you want to find activities. Activities can be assigned to the whole class or to individual students in your class.

Application for education

The value of SplashLearn is available on the Teacher Dashboard. Specifically, the way you can find activities and assign them to your students as needed where SplashLearn becomes valuable. With that dashboard you can quickly find activities to help your students practice and strengthen their skills and monitor their progress.

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