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The month of May is approaching. I can tell by the traffic pattern on my blog that many of you have started summer vacation. And the rest are ready for the holidays. I hope everyone has fun doing something this summer (or winter for my Southern Hemisphere friends). One of the funniest things we’ve been excited about at home is our garden box and all the vegetables we hope to grow in the coming months.

At the end of each month, I take a look at my Google Analytics account to see what the most popular posts of the past month were. The list is posted below. Take a look and see if there are any interesting things that you missed in May.

This month’s most popular post was:

1. Add dropdown menus to sentences in Google Docs

2. Quick and easy way to remove image background
3. You may miss the new Google Docs features
4. Videos for teaching and learning about Memorial Day
5. An interactive map of the Roman Empire
6. New Google Docs template for project management
7. Three tools for creating year-end slideshow videos quickly and easily
8. A great lesson for a hot spring day – how the popsicle was invented
9. Broadcast Google Slides live on your students’ computers
10. They – a planning tool for new and experienced teachers

Webinars for your school
I run professional development webinars throughout the year. I will host a free one-hour webinar for any school or group who purchases ten or more copies of 50 Tech Tuesday tips.

Other places to follow me:

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  • My YouTube channel has over 41,000 subscribers watching my short tutorial videos in a wide array of educational technology tools.
  • I’m tweeting as Armbirn For fifteen years.
  • There are new and old posts from this blog throughout the week on the Free Technology Facebook page for teachers.
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This post originally appeared on Used without permission if viewed elsewhere. The sites that stole my (Richard Byrne’s) work include Icons Daily and Daily Dose. Featured image by Richard Byrne.

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