Free technology for teachers: book reporting options

My five-year-old daughter Humphrey has a healthy obsession with books in The Hamster series. He got a book for Christmas and we’ve been reading the whole series ever since. I came home from a bike ride last week and she couldn’t wait to show me her latest art project! It was a paper replica of how he painted Humphrey’s cage. He even used some paper and tape to make a small hamster wheel to keep in his cage. I was about 15 on a 1-10 scale because I was so impressed that he came up with this idea himself.

Inspired by my daughter Humphrey hamster cage replica, here are some other ideas for traditional book report assignment options.

  • Create a book trailer video. This is a short video aimed at getting people excited to read a book. Students can summarize the main points of the book and try to entice the audience to read the book. Great video tool for creating canvas video editors and trailer video for the Adobe Creative Cloud Express book.
  • Let students design and publish their own online games based on the plot and character of a book. Flippity offers excellent templates that students can modify to create their own online games.
  • Students can use Google Earth to create virtual tours based on the location featured in a book. Students using the web browser version of Google Earth can include videos in the placemarks of their tours. Students who use Google Earth Pro can record audio descriptions for their entire tour.
  • Consider using the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure model and ask students to write some alternative endings of a story. They can do it on Google Slides. Here is a video about the process.

However, the picture I took of my daughter and her art project is much more beautiful than the picture cropped in this blog post. Unfortunately, due to the proliferation of shady sites that steal my work every day, I no longer include my kids’ face pictures in my posts..

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