Free technology for teachers: bikes, bubbles and forms

Good evening from Maine where the sun is going down in June. Despite having a bit of bad weather to start the month, we’re ending up with a great stretch of warm and sunny weather that’s perfect for playing outside. I hope you had a great month!

This month I organized my Teaching History with Technology course. In July and August I am hosting another series of practical ad tech webinars. You can learn more about them and register here.

As I do at the end of each month, I walk through my Google Analytics account to find the ten most popular posts from the last thirty days. Take a look and see there are some interesting things you missed in June.

This month’s most popular post was:

1. World Bicycle Day Lessons
2. Tool for collecting asynchronous stories
3. Five great chrome extensions for teachers
4. 45 canvas tutorials for teachers and students
5. A TED-Ed lesson for each component in the periodic table
6. Videos for teaching and learning about Memorial Day
7. Here are five ways to work with PDF in Google Drive
8. Two ways to quickly turn text into video
9. Unprepared Bubbles – Another fun summer science lesson
10. New Google Form Customization Options

July and August webinars!
Starting July I have been hosting a series of seven practical ad tech webinars. You can register for one or all seven of them. Read about them here or follow the links below to register

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