Free technology for teachers: bicycles, chrome and science

Good morning from Maine where the sun is shining and it is going to be a beautiful day to play outside. Earlier this week we rode our bikes to a small public field near our home and found a bunch of wild strawberries. My girls want to go back and find more strawberries so we can probably do this after breakfast. I hope you have something equally fun to do this weekend.

Speaking of bikes, last Friday was World Bicycle Day and my blog post was the most popular thing I published last week. That post and others are included below.

This week’s most popular post was:

1. Lessons for World Bicycle Day
2. Five great chrome extensions for teachers

3. A TED-Ed lesson for each component in the periodic table

4. Ten ways to use Adobe Creative Cloud Express at school

5. Five fun science games for kids

6. A lesson about money for students getting summer jobs

7. How to record screencast without extension in Chromebook

Webinars for your school
I run professional development webinars throughout the year. I would host a free one-hour webinar for any school or group that purchases ten or more copies of 50 Tech Tuesday tips.

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This post originally appeared on Used elsewhere without permission. The sites that stole my (Richard Byrne’s) work include Icons Daily and Daily Dose. Featured image by Richard Byrne.

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