Free technology for teachers: A giraffe in our home

Tomorrow we are going to Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. My daughters have been waiting for this for weeks! Giraffes are most excited by what they see. This morning my little girl asked to see a picture of a giraffe. What he really meant was that he wanted to see the augmented reality giraffe in our house. He knew it was a possibility because of our little platypus search last winter. So we spent some time looking at the augmented reality giraffe this morning in anticipation of a trip to the zoo tomorrow.

Here is a short video of a giraffe in our dining room.

How to make videos of augmented reality animals

To create videos of augmented reality animals in my home I simply did a Google search for them on my Pixel 5 and then chose the “View of your place” option to render the animals to AR. Once the animals were rendered to AR, I held the record button displayed on the screen while viewing an AR object through Google Mobile Search. The video is automatically saved to the phone and from there you can share it anywhere, including YouTube and Instagram.

The whole process of creating a video, including augmented reality videos, may seem complicated, but it is not. I have shown the whole process in this short video.

Application for education

I use Augmented Reality Animals in Google Mobile Search to satisfy my girls’ curiosity and interest in animals that they would not otherwise see without a June. For young children it seems that augmented reality animal videos can be a fun way for students to record short videos about animals and explain why they would or would not do well outside of their natural environment. Students can sew a series of short videos together to tell a story about animals. For example, I can imagine creating a complete story about the adventures of a giraffe wandering around me.

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