Free sound cloud generator for teachers and students in the classroom

Word Cloud is known by various names including Wordless, Text Cloud and Tag Cloud. These fantastic graphics can reveal trends and allow you to present ideas, texts and ideas in a way that is interesting and engaging for students. Trying to find the right tool? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of the best free word cloud generators for teachers.

Why use Word Cloud in the classroom?

Sound clouds will be fun to watch and attract students’ attention. You can take words and turn them into great images using different shapes, fonts and color schemes. While you can use a tool to create them for your classroom, students can enjoy creating their own with just a piece of paper and some markers.

Here are some tips for using the word cloud with students:

  • Use the word cloud as an icebreaker activity (What was the funniest thing you did during the summer break?)
  • Activate prior knowledge of a subject.
  • Describe the characters of the book, historical personalities, famous scientists etc.
  • The idea of ​​writing topics in the brain storm.
  • Summarize topics to develop an understanding.
  • Find themes for a class discussion.
  • Explore the meaning of challenging vocabulary words.
  • Use the word cloud as an exit ticket to evaluate comprehension and identify learning gaps.

Depending on which tool you choose, the learning curve can be a bit different when you start using Word Cloud in your classroom. But in the end the hard work will pay off!

Free word cloud generator for teachers


WordArt Free Word Cloud Generator for teachers

If you have been using Word Cloud for some time, you may think that this tool was known as Tagul until 2017. Rebranded as, this popular and highly customizable free word cloud generator for teachers is widely used in the classroom and even among professional designers.

Try this:


WordCloud Free Generator in the shape of a flower, as an example of a free word cloud generator for teachers

This user-friendly free online Word Creator can be used on computers, tablets and smartphones. There are many options for creating and sewing your Word Cloud. Need inspiration? See their gallery of wordle examples!

Try this:

3. Word Cloud Maker

Neil Abraham Lincoln Free Word Cloud Generator For Teachers

Word Cloud Maker may not have as many settings as your other generators, but the features it offers are powerful. They have great layouts and shapes that you can use to create something that is really attractive and unique.

Try this: Word Cloud Maker

4. WordItOut

WordItOut Word Cloud Generator with school sound, as an example of free sound cloud generator for teachers

Like the other word cloud generators on this list, WordItOut lets you create words from words, phrases, spreadsheets and even complete documents. This tool also gives you the ability to embed your creations on your non-commercial blog or website

Try this: WordItOut

5. WordSift

WordSift Word Cloud Generator

With WordSift you will have limited options for layouts, offering only five templates, but it is still a great free word cloud generator for teachers. Data visualization is great and you can adjust color, font, orientation and even sound scale.

Try this: WordSift

6. ABCya

ABCYa Word Cloud Generator Till as an example of a free sound cloud generator for teachers, with school sounds in the background

The interface of this word cloud generator is so simple and fun! Once your text is input, you can easily add effects to your wordle. Want to stir things up? Press the “Random” button to instantly change the size, font, and font color.

Try this: ABCya

7. MonkeyLearn Word Cloud Generator

MonkeyLearn Word Cloud Generator

This AI-powered tool is ideal for classrooms. Using advanced contextual algorithms, it will automatically detect compound words and combinations when moving stop words. The interface is modern, ad-free and easy to navigate.

Try this: Mankilarn

8. TagCrowd

TagCrowd Word Cloud Generator

If you’re looking for a minimal word map, TagCrowd is a great word cloud generator. The tool is very basic, but you still have the ability to adjust the language, word limits, and settings for upper / lower-case characters.

Try this: Tag crowd

9. Jason Davis Word Cloud

Jason Davis sound cloud generator with colorful school sound on white background

This free word cloud generator for teachers lets you create symmetrical words. The interface is incredibly easy to use and creates powerful algorithms so you can create a calm, customized sound cloud in seconds.

Try this: Jason Davis Word Cloud

10. Edwardle

EdWordle Word Cloud Generator

Creating word clouds with EdWordle is easy. Just add text to create your own or edit existing words. You can customize your creations by randomly shaking words, changing the color and font of individual words, and creating “neighbors” by making related words appear closer to each other.

Try this: Edward

What are your favorite free word cloud generators for teachers? Share the comment below.

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