Five ideas for a classroom app

On Wednesday I published a post about creating your own mobile apps for classroom use. If you’ve read that post and are wondering why teachers want to take on the task of creating their own app or want students to do it, here are five ideas for classroom apps.

1. Create a Mobile Study Guide: This is the first thing I thought of when I discovered Glide Apps. You or your students can create an app that lists each section or unit in your curriculum. In each section you can provide videos, podcasts or links to additional documents for review.

2. Create a mobile version of the school handbook: When parents have a question about your school, their first instinct is probably to pick up their phone to search your school’s website or call the office. A mobile version of your school’s handbook can make it easier for parents to quickly find answers to frequently asked questions.

3. Create a guide for your community: Are you looking for a community service project for your high school or high school students? If so, consider creating a guide for them to highlight your community.

4. Develop a mobile reporting system: Are your students or parents using Google Forms to log information about multiple goals, such as independent reading, outdoor play, or behavioral goals? If so, consider putting a link to all those forms in a convenient app You can do this by placing links to your forms in the columns of your spreadsheet before publishing it via Glide.

5. Room usage schedule: For many years I worked at a school that had more teachers than the classroom so it was always a game of guessing who was using which house. Having an app that is easy to find out which rooms are being used at any given time would be amazing! With the Glide app you can create such apps.

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