Five Google Earth Activities to Keep Kids Interested Outdoors

In last week’s Week in Review I mentioned a new book titled Outdoor Kids in an Inside World. In the book, Steven Renela presents many ideas for children to be interested in learning about nature and to get involved. In the first chapter he presents a large list of ideas for things that may arouse the curiosity of children before you go out. It struck me when I read those ideas that a lot can be done or helped using Google Earth.

Inspired by Steven Renaler Outdoor Kids in an Inside World, here are five Google Earth activities you can use to get kids interested in the world around them.

  • Trace raindrops to the nearest stream, river, lake or ocean from your home.
  • How many feet or meters will you change in total for walking from your school to the highest point in your state, province, or country?
  • Make a tour of the five most interesting geological features of your state, province or country. Let students decide what qualifies them as “attractive.”
  • Use Google Earth’s historical imagery to see changes in coastline over the last fifty years. Ask students to make a list of reasons for contributing to these changes.
  • Walk outside and see the bird nest. Record their location in a Google Earth file. Next year repeat the process with another group of students and see if the bird’s nest is in the same place.

If you’re interested in learning more about Google Earth, enroll in a crash course on Google Earth and Maps, or explore the world through Google Earth.

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