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Do you know a child fascinated with a budding equestrian or otherwise horse? Have you ever been with a baby while riding a horse pasture or driving? It is hard to deny the wonder and amazement these animals inspire in children. Learning and caring for these animals can teach a lesson of responsibility and self-worth. These horse books for kids will provide valuable knowledge and inspiration to horse-loving readers of all ages on this exciting subject.

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Horse books for kids in pre-K-2 grade

1. Guyana Marino if I have a horse

Book cover: I Had A Horse Marino by Gianna Marino as an example of a horse book for kids

In the story of Marino, a young girl imagines her life that she was the owner of a horse that is sure to capture the imagination of any young horse lover. Our narrator thinks, “If I had a horse, we would be brave together.” Adding simple text to beautiful gauche illustrations, this type of text will turn young readers upside down a lot of the time.

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2. The artist who painted a blue horse by Eric Carl

An example of a horse book for children is a blue horse drawn by artist Eric Carl

Who doesn’t love an Eric Carl book? Writer and illustrator of classics such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? The artist who painted a blue horse. It is sure to become a favorite of any horse-loving child.

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3. That’s not my pony… Fiona Watt

Book Cover: That's Not My Pony Fiona Watt, illustrated by Rachel Wells as an example of a horse book for kids

The Touch-and-Fill book in That’s Not My Series offers early readers a completely sensitive experience. This is not my pony. A pair of recognized texts from other books in the series, including a pony’s soft, fur-like gem and a touching image.

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4. Allison Lester’s Noni The Pony

Book cover: Allison Lester's Noni the Pony, an example of a horse book for children

Featuring delightful characters across a variety of animal species, including Noni’s best friend Dave the Dog and Coco the Cat, this book will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The text is written in rhythmic sentences that will surely appeal to the smallest riders. For those kids who can’t get enough of Noni, there are other titles, including Noni the Pony Counts to a Million and Noni the Pony Goes to the Beach.

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5. Hello, Horse, by Vivian French, illustrated by Catherine Rainer

Book cover: Hello Horse with illustrations of a child riding a horse

This photo book provides a good introduction to horses through the eyes of a boy who is primarily concerned about them. This title proves that some horse books for kids can teach deep lessons such as making friendships and overcoming fears.

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Horse books for kids in grades 3-5

6. Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy Race, by Stasia Deutsch

Book cover: Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy.  A teenage girl is seen riding a horse with two other girls in the background.

Fans of the Netflix series Spirit Will definitely like this story featuring their favorite characters. In addition to taking care of their horses, the girls at Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy are learning to be better friends in this fun story that centers on a scavenger hunt.

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7. Magic Pony: By a new friend, Sue Bentley

Book cover: Magic Pony: A New Friend.  A purple coating can be seen flashing around the face of a brown horse.

Magic Pony is a perfect series for horse lovers who also like a dose of imagination. A new friend, The first in the series, introduces the alien to the magical pony comet. The two soon became close friends and went on many adventures together.

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8. Canterwood Crest: City Secrets, by Jessica Burkhardt

Book cover: Canterwood Crest: City Secrets.  A 13-year-old girl is shown with her hands on her buttocks and a stern look in riding gear in the front.

No list of horse books for children would be complete without this series of novels centering on Sasha Silver and her adventures at an elite boarding school for equestrianists. Inside City privacySasha must go to an unlikely friend before her vacation in New York City.

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9. Misty of Chinkotig by Margurite Henry

Misty of Chinkotig by Marguerite Henry, illustrated by Karen House Grandpre as an example of a horse book for children

Recipient of a Newberry Honor in 1948, Misty of Chinkotig It is the first of six books in the Marguerite Henry’s Misty series. The last title of the series, Misty twilightWritten in 1992. The main title takes place on Chinkotig Island off the coast of Virginia and Maryland and centers on Misty, a delicate baby born from a group of wild ponies.

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Horse books for kids in grades 6-8

10. My Life Saving Battle by Kimberly Brubecker Bradley

Book Cover: The War That Saved My Life Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Another Newberry Honor recipient, The war that saved my life Probably more historical fiction than horse books. Ten-year-old Ada overcame the abuse at the hands of her mother during World War II and discovered the true meaning of self-worth as well as family. Despite being born on Ada Club legs, he overcame adversity, including learning to ride a horse.

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11. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Book cover: Black Beauty Anna Sewell, as an example of a horse book for kids

This classic is at the top of any list of horse books for kids. Written about 150 years ago, Black Beauty Time stands the test. A memoir written from the perspective of a horse, it was originally written to raise awareness about the cruelty against horses. Readers will be assured that this title will refrain from paying the price of kindness to all sentient beings.

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12. Litfield Horse Games and Puzzles at Cindy

Book cover: Horse Games and Puzzles: 102 Brain Teasers, Word Games, Jokes & Puzzles, Picture Puzzles, Match for Horse Loving Kids and Logic Tests at Cindy's Littlefield

Know a kid who likes a good puzzle, horse, or both? This book is full of fun activities and interesting horse information.

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13. Paint the air by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Book cover: Paint the Wind by Pam Muñoz Ryan

For the honesty of the protagonist Maya Wyoming Desert and her mother’s family her grandmother told her to leave a homeless life affected by lies. In Wyoming, a relationship with a wild Mustang called Artemisia changed everything for Maya. Tweens would love this adventure-filled story.

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14. The Compton Cowboys and their Horse Farm Fight: A Young Reader’s Edition by Walter Thompson-Hernandez

Book Cover: Young Readers Edition: The Compton Cowboys and Walter Thompson-Hernandez's Fight to Save Their Horse Farm

Thompson-Hernandez, a New York Times The reporter tells the story of a group of 10 black men and one woman who continue the Compton Cowboys tradition. Originally Compton Jr. As part of the Posse, the Compton Cowboys lived on different courses but everyone came back in love with horses and horses. They live by the motto “The road has raised us. The horse saved us. ” The book also includes an eight-page insertion of colorful photographs of cowboys and horses that kids will love.

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15. Horse Life: The Ultimate Guide to Horse Care and Running for Kids, by Robin Smith

Book Cover: Horse Life: Robin Smith's Robin Smith's Ultimate Guide to Horse Care and Running for Kids

No list of horse books for kids would be complete without a fantastic how-to book on all things equestrian. This title is full of information on decoration, management, training and horse riding. The information is presented in an informative but child-friendly manner with helpful images.

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Horse books for grades 8-12

16. Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling, by Helena Dahlgren

Book cover: Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling by Helena Dahlgren

First in an award-winning trilogy, this fantasy story tells the story of four girls who must save the world with their magical horses. Tweens and adolescents alike will be lost in the fantasy as well as friendships, family and the real life struggles and victories of girls navigating school. Bonus: There’s a video game, Star stableBased on the same characters.

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17. Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse

Book cover: Michael Morpurgo's War Horse

From Joe’s perspective on World War I, the book opens children’s eyes to the horrors of war. It also teaches the value of loyalty as 15-year-old Albert Joy tries to get home safely. For students who like film adaptations, the story turned into a film by Steven Spielberg.

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18. All the beautiful horses of Carmac McCarthy

Book cover: All the Pretty Horses by Carmac McCarthy

First in McCarthy’s Border Trilogy, the adventure story revolves around the search for teenage John Grady Cole’s cowboy life as he escapes from a ranch in Texas and travels to Mexico. Horses are the main characters in this action-packed story of learning and losing innocence.

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