Create location-based reminders in Google Keep

Aside from the Chrome web browser, Google Keep is an app I use more than any other app on my Pixel 5 phone (which I like but don’t like). I use it to bookmark websites, to-do lists and shopping lists, and to set reminders for myself throughout the day. My favorite aspect of Google Keep is the ability to set location-based reminders.

Creating location-based reminders for yourself can remind me of the things I need to do when I get to a specific place. For example, I use it to remind myself of what I have to tell my girls’ preschool teachers when I drop them off in the morning. I also used it to remind me of the first thing I had to do when I went to school in the morning.

The value of location-based reminders is that they are not time dependent If I get stuck in traffic and go to school a little later than I plan, the reminder doesn’t show up when I’m sitting in my car and can’t work on it. The reminder appears in Google Keep as soon as I get there to do the work I created in my reminder.

In this short video I show you how to create location-based reminders in Google Keep.

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