Mental health activities for students

Meeting the needs of the whole child is always a top priority for educators. But with the challenges posed by the epidemic, many students are struggling to cope. If you are looking for ways to actively support your students’ socio-emotional well-being, here are some activities you can use to get started.

9 activities for the well-being of students

Use these activities to engage students with the strategies needed to deal with and manage their difficult emotions.

Editable Google Slides self-care chart bundle

Editable | Google Slides Self-Care Chart Bundle by Tales of Patty Pepper
Grade not specified

Self-care handouts for teachers, parents and students

Self-care handout for teachers, parents and students by Counselor Chelsea
Grade not specified

Positive confirmation: color journal and confirmation card

Positive Confirmation: Color Journal and Confirmation Card by Ally Sezekinsky with Miss Behavior
Grade not specified

French Mental Health Check-In - Poster and Google Slide Template

French Mental Health Check-In – Poster of Perfection Parnell and Google Slide Template
Classs: K-10th

Google Apps 7 included Teacher-author points out that this resource includes resources from Google Workspace.

Mindfulness Meditation: 10 guided meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Destination Meditation 10 Meditation Guided by Bright Future Counseling
Grade: 1st-6th

Mental Health Coloring Page: Exciting 8 color designs

Mental Health Coloring Page for Kids and Teachers: 8 Exciting Designs for Coloring by Glitter Meets Glue
Grade: 1st-6th

Udlan Wellness Warriors

School Counseling Bundle: Elasticity, optimism, gratitude and wellness by school counseling with a whole heart
Grade: 1st-8th

COVID-19 Social-Emotional Learning Journal for Mental Health and Mental Awareness

Covid 19 Social Emotional Learning Journal – Mental Health and Mental Awareness by a Curious World
Categories: 3rd-8th

Wellbeing Diary / Journal with Habit Tracker

Distance Learning SEL Well Being Printable and Digital Journal by Teachers Resource Force
Grade: 6th-12th

Find more activities and ideas at TpT to support students’ well-being and socio-emotional needs.

This post, originally published in 2020, was updated for 2022. Featured resources in the picture (left to right) were created by Ally Sezekinski with Tales of Patti Paper, Counselor Chelsea, Miss Behavior, Draw calm, and Perfectly parnell.

How to create and send personalized certificates in Google Workspace

As we approach the end of the school year, you may feel the need to create and distribute student certificates. These can be for recognition of anything from honor roll to volunteer work. It was necessary to purchase rims of pre-printed certificates from a catalog to issue certificates for these events and then manually enter the names of the students. Today, there are some easy ways to create customized and personalized certificates In fact, you can do this with Google Workspace tools that you are already using regularly. In the video below I show you how you can design your own customized certificate with Google Slides. In the video I used Pixabay to find boundaries to use in my certificate. This is not the only source you can use. Any site that offers public domain imagery can be used in a similar way to design your own certificate.

Use Certify’em to issue personalized certificates on an as-needed basis.
Here’s how to use it if you don’t have a pre-existing list of students who need a certificate or if you want to be able to issue certificates on demand. Certify’em is a Google Forms add-on that lets you automatically issue a certificate to students when you pass a quiz on Google Forms with a minimum score of your choice. I use Certify’em to issue certificates to those who complete my professional development webinars and courses. Watch this video to learn how to use Certify’em.

Use autoCrat to create bulk personalized certificates.
To use this method if you already have a list of students who should get a certificate for something like Honor Roll or Perfect Attendance. To use this method you need to create a Google Sheet or create a list of student names. Once you have that list, you can run a Google Sheet add-on called AutoCAD to automatically personalize certificates for each student on the list. Certificate template must be created on Google Slides. Watch my video to learn how to use AutoCAD and Google Slides to create bulk personalized testimonials.