Broadcast Google Slides live on your students’ computers

A few weeks ago I wrote and published a video about using display notes to broadcast your students live on your computer screen. Display Notes this week released some updates that teachers who use Google Classroom and Google Slides must appreciate.

Display Note now offers a free Chrome extension that you can use to broadcast your Google Slides directly to your students’ computers. By installing extensions, you can not only broadcast your slides directly to your students’ computers, you can also annotate your slides and students will be able to see those annotations on their screens.

The default option for sharing your screen with display notes is to give students a six-digit code to access your broadcast. Entering the correct code can be a little difficult for some students and can slow down the process of getting everyone on the same page. That’s why Display Note now offers a new Google Classroom integration With this integration you place a link in the Google Classroom and click on it to access your broadcast to see what students are sharing from your screen. Watch this video made by Display Notes to see how integration works.

And if you’re interested in how Display Notes works without the Chrome extension, check out my video I released last month.

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