Books like Percy Jackson, recommended by teachers

Rick Rewardon’s Percy Jackson series has found a permanent fan base in the twin sets and new fans are sure to follow the upcoming Disney + series soon. Readers who can’t get enough Percy should find these lessons – if not all the same in content, like Percy Jackson’s book in tune and interesting character – to satisfy their hunger for more adventure.

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1. The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle by Rick Rewordon

Book cover: Rick Rewardon's The Trails of Apollo as an example of a book like Percy Jackson

Some of the characters familiar to Percy Jackson’s readers pop up in Rewardon’s follow-up series, which finds Apollo in search of regaining his immortal dignity.

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2. The Country of the Story: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer

Book cover: The Land of Stories: Chris Kolfer's Wishing Spell, an example of a book like Percy Jackson

The Modern World meets the magician about a pair of siblings in the Chris Kolfer series who find themselves in a fairy tale land.

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3. The Marvellers by Dhoni Clayton

Book cover: Daniel Clayton's The Marvellers as an example of a book like Percy Jacques

This new series for the Twins enters a magical world that Percy fans will love. The protagonist Ella Durand is accepted into a school of magic where students master the magical traditions of other cultures; Excellent world-building will captivate the curiosity of many young readers.

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4. Strange Kid by Greg Van Eekhout

Book cover: Greg van Ikhut's Strange Kid as an example of a book like Percy Jacques.

A fast-paced lesson, the novel shows a child trying to cope with humor, like Percy, his source and Percy.

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5. Neil Gaiman’s Tomb Book

Book cover: Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book as an example of a book like Percy Jackson

The way Percy Jackson has a lineage among the Greek gods, the protagonist of Neil Gaiman’s novel has an interesting upbringing — he is raised by ghosts.

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6. Narnia boxed chronicles set by CS Lewis

Book Cover Set: The Chronicles of Narnia Boxed Set, CS Lewis

CS Lewis’s classic series is about a set of siblings who take themselves to a magical country in a magical outfit.

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7. The Zombies of Tracy Baptist

Book cover: Tracy Baptist's The Zambiz as an example of a book like Percy Jacques

Great for junior readers of Percy Jackson Phandom, Tracy Baptist’s zombies books introduce mid-grade audiences to Caribbean folk legends.

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8. Kwame Embalia by Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky

Book Cover: Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky by Kwame Embalia

From Rick Rewardon’s own impression, Kwame Embalia’s Tristan Strong finds himself at war with African American folk heroes as the world’s fortunes hang in the balance.

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9. Artemis Foul by Eoin Colfer

Book cover: Artemis Foul by Eoin Colfer

In the first book of a series of thrilling rides by Eoin Kolfer, a teenage brain fights dangerous tech-savvy fairies.

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10. The Last Kids on Earth, books 1-3, by Max Bralier

Book cover: The Last Kids on Earth Books 1-3, by Max Bralier

Percy’s fans will find similar humor and danger in Max Braille’s series about trapping a group of baby zombies after Apocalypse.

Buy it: The Last Kids in the World, Books 1-3 on Amazon

11. Hole by Louis Sachar

Book cover: Holes by Louis Sachar

While not a story like Percy Jackson’s book, Louis Sacher’s classic offers a similarly sharp protagonist and a fast-paced and humorous adventure.

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12. Somen Chinani by The School for Good and Evil

Book cover: The School for Good and Evil Somen Chaiyani

Coming soon as a Netflix movie, the series will be held at a school where fairy tale characters will learn how to play their roles.

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13. Mastermind of Gordon Corman

Part of a trilogy by middle-grade and YA writer Corman, Mastermind An adventure features an independent and engaging hero who always raises the familiar world.

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14. Escape from Camp Boring by Tom Mitchell

Book cover: Escape from Camp Boring by Tom Mitchell as an example of a book like Percy Jackson

Percy’s adventures at Camp Half-Blood find him in new, sometimes awkward positions, Will, the protagonist of this comic novel, has to go through a summer camp where no devices are allowed.

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