Best 4th book of July for children, recommended by teachers

Floating on the level of history, telling the story of how this country was born. The basics are easy enough for young children to understand and you can build that foundation every year. To help you get started, we’ve created a fun list of 4th July books for kids.

Although the holiday marked the independence of the United States from British rule, not all Americans were free until much later. Juntinth, for books and resources about the holiday commemorating the liberation of slaves, click here.

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1. The Night Before the Fourth of July by Natasha Wing

Family sits on a blanket and watches fireworks with an illustration of the cover of the 4th of July book for children, The Night Before the Fourth of July.

Decorated in red, white and blue, a family heads to a parade, hosts a BBQ at the back of a house with friends and family, avoids thunderstorms in the afternoon, and of course, watches a fireworks show.

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2. America’s Birthday Story by Patricia A. Pingri

The cover of The Story of America's Birthday book depicts the signature of the Declaration of Independence as a July 4 book example and a family sitting on a blanket watching the fireworks

If you are looking for a 4th July book for kids that has vivid images, choose this title. It presents the story of the founding of America in connection with the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, and today’s Fourth of July celebration.

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3. Fourth of July by Emma Carlson Burn

July 4th book cover as an example of a July 4th book with pictures of children marching in a parade with a dog

On this day, people gather for picnics and watch parades and fireworks. Sing as you explore the holidays in rhythm and rhyme (the book has online music access)!

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4. Hello, July 4th! By Martha de Joscock

Hello book cover, with an American flag in the background and an example of a bald eagle holding fireworks as an example of a 4th July book.

A family of eagles take part in a parade, see historical paintings and statues, hit the beach and enjoy great food at a picnic and barbecue, with a colorful fireworks display at the top of the day!

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5. Janet S. Apple pie on July 4 by Ong

Apple Pie 4th July Book Cover Asian Girl with Example of 4th July Book Looking sadly at a Chinese Takeout Box

Shocked when her parents cook Chinese food for sale at a family store on an All-American holiday, a Chinese-American girl tries to tell her mother and father what things really look like – but the parade bypasses the fireworks and lights up the sky, an amazing lesson. Learns.

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6. The story of the 4th of July by Alice Dalglish

4th July story book cover The boy plays the drums as an example of the 4th July book and the girl holds the American flag

There were fireworks and parades long before what happened on the 4th of July? Alice Dalglish leads young readers in revolutionary times, in the colonial aspirations for independence and in the creation of the Declaration of Independence.

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7. Fourth July Rats! By Bethany Roberts

July 4 rat book cover!  Examples of a July 4 book with a picture of a rat wearing costumes and playing instruments during a parade with fireworks in the background

Holiday Mice take part in all the activities that make the Fourth of July fun: a parade, a picnic, a baseball game and a sack race and a fresh dive into the stream. The best part of all comes at the end of the day with a spectacular fireworks show!

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8. Red, white, and boom! By Lee Wardle

Red, white, and boom book covers!  Example of a July 4 book with a group of children holding an American flag with fireworks in the background.

It’s the fourth of July! Travel across the country for a city parade, a beach picnic and fireworks in the park in this celebration of the many cultures and traditions that make America’s birthday so exciting!

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9. We the People: The Constitution of the United States by Peter Spear

Book cover of We the People: United States Constitution

In celebrating this scene of the U.S. Constitution and the founding fathers of America, learn the touching American story of how this most important document came to life.

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10. My Fourth of July by Jerry Spinelli

My Fourth of July book cover with pictures of children marching in parade with balloons and American flags

A responsible little boy who is eager to do his part wakes up happy and ready to celebrate his favorite day. But she has a lot of work to do before she can have fun.

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11. Pie for sharing by Stephanie Parsley Ledyard

Pie's book cover for sharing with pictures of kids sitting at a picnic table and getting ready to cut a pie.

To share the pie. What else can be shared? Through a memorable 4th of July picnic, young readers feel the advantages and disadvantages of sharing this beautiful photo book.

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Lady Liberty's Holiday book cover with image of walking outside the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is feeling a bit blue despite being green. As much as he loves to welcome people to America, standing for more than a hundred years has taken him to a stiff neck, pain in his arms and a cramp in his legs. This lady could use a vacation!

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On the cover of the book This Land Is Your Land is an example of a boy standing on a path and looking at trees, rivers and rolling hills.

If you want a Fourth of July book for kids with songs, check out this book. Since its debut in the 1940s, Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” has become one of America’s most popular and timeless folk songs. Check out this classic ballad as it comes to life in a rich illustrated version.

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A group of children stare at the night sky on the cover of Blue Sky White Star's book

Surprisingly extra, deceptively simple verses are associated with lots of inspirational images to celebrate the iconic image of our nation, starting with the American flag.

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Covering the book of The Flag We Love, flying an American flag with fireworks in the background

With patriotic verses and historical information, We love flags Explore how our flag has become a permanent part of our nation’s proud history and heritage. From its early design to its role in peace-time and war, the Star-Spangled banner will take on a whole new meaning for all readers.

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Cover of America's Beautiful Book with a picture of buffalo grazing in the background

Catherine Lee Bates’s timeless poetry captures the great beauty of the United States.

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Our flag book cover was Susan B.  Standing on a hill with the example of Anthony watching the American flag and the boat in the distance

The story of this giant flag begins in 1812 and on the eve of the war a main star, a semstress and his powerful helper and a poet named Francis Scott Key! Plus it’s the story of our national anthem.

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Happy birthday book cover, with examples of America watching fireworks

Three generations enjoy parades, popcorn, “Yankee doodles” and lightning and fireworks at the end of the day.

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Do you have any other ideas for a 4th July book for kids? Share the comments below.

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