A teacher’s guide to making simple craft style videos

Yesterday, I published a post about a live course I was teaching in June. If you’re looking for something self-paced, Common Craft offers an interesting course on video making.

Over the years, general craft videos have been used by teachers to help students understand issues including digital citizenship, personal money, and many big technology concepts. One of the things that makes general craft videos popular is the way in which information is presented using a whiteboard, simple cutouts and voice over in a clear and concise manner. That style has become known as the general craft style and many teachers, including me, have forced students to create videos using that style. Common Craft offers its own free course for teachers who want to create Common Craft style videos in their classroom.

A teacher’s guide to creating simple craft style videos is a free self-paced course with five modules. The modules begin with the basic ideas of the general craft style before you go through the tools you need (and don’t need), the planning process (including a downloadable template) and the final production steps. There are examples of work done by teachers and students throughout the course.

And if you’ve never seen a simple craft video before, here’s a good one to get you started.

You may also be interested in my videos where I show how I use Google Slides to create videos.

Disclosure: I have a long standing relationship with Common Craft.

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